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Whether you sell locally made wine, own a vineyard, or run a wine cellar, you can elevate your wine marketing strategies with the help of influencers. What kind of campaigns can you create? Here’s a list of summer wine influencer campaign ideas you can use for inspiration:  

Find a related ‘holiday’

Wine is often used to celebrate a holiday, so consider creating a campaign around a summer celebration. While traditional holidays are certainly an option, there are wine-themed holidays you can use, too, like World Moscato Day (May 9) or National Wine and Cheese Day (July 25).

The Robert Mondavi Winery took advantage of Bourbon Heritage Month since two of its wines contain bourbon; Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet and Rye Barrel-Aged Red Blend. With the help of IZEA Managed Services, a handful of influencers paired the wines with their favorite meals and shared their combinations with their audiences through videos and pictures. 

The campaign reached 21 million people, and thousands of dollars worth of products were added to shopping carts. 

Offer a new spritzer recipe

Team up with a food and beverage influencer to offer new wine-infused recipes like a spritzer.  Why a spritzer? If you look at wine trends in 2023, you’ll see spritzers are becoming quite popular. Send an influencer a bottle of the wine you’d like to promote and ask him or her to come up with their own unique drink recipe. Influencer Miguel Buencamino, for example, shares drink recipes on his Instagram, @holycityhandcraft, including his very own Bianco Venetian Spritz.

Pair wine with local ingredients

A growing number of consumers (46%) prefer local foods. Why not leverage this trend in your next influencer marketing campaign? Ask an influencer to create a new drink recipe using locally grown herbs or ask a food influencer to create a video that pairs their favorite locally sourced meal with your company’s wine. 

A sponsored Insta snap of a wine and food pairing, but with home-grown food or veggies purchased from a farmer’s market, makes an excellent wine marketing strategy.

Host a wine tasting with influencers on your guest list

Wine tastings have become fun events, but rather than offering the same-old wine flight, consider changing things up. Ask a few local influencers to promote your wine tasting and ask them to attend the event, too. 

You could ask an influencer to do the first tasting and give their thoughts or ask them to mingle with the crowd as they sip and savor. Set up photo opportunities with your branding and product and create a unique branded hashtag for the event.

Educate wine drinkers 

Wineries selling more expensive bottles are likely marketing to wine enthusiasts or those who want to know more about their favorite beverage. To cater to this audience, consider fun, educational videos. Collab with an influencer to do a TikTok “teaching series” that covers topics like decoding wine acronyms or how to hold a wine glass

@legallywined This wine is a prop don’t drink your reds this cold 😅 #winetiktok #winetok #sommlife #etiquettelessons #wineeducation ♬ Believe Me - Navos

Wine campaign ideas like this are twofold, they promote your product and inform your audience. 

Suggest wine-themed gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one is tough, but the perfect bottle of wine is often a great idea. Help consumers find the perfect bottle to gift or suggest accessories that wine lovers love.

Team up with an influencer (or a handful) to produce these wine social media posts:

  • Put together a wine basket as a gift.
  • Wrap up your brand’s wine opener, or favorite accessory, as a gift.
  • Produce a video that showcases five of the best gifts for wine lovers. 

Here’s a great example of a “gift round-up” that suggests five different gifts for wine connoisseurs:   

@somm_vivant No gatekeeping here - this is the stuff the pros actually use! Comment if you have questions on any of these or if you’re already a fan! All of these will run you between $100-$600 and these are ALL items I have personally used for years. #winegadget #holidaygiftguide #winetok #winelover #decanter #durand #winecradle #code38 #winekey #wineopener #porttongs ♬ original sound - Amanda McCrossin | sommvivant

Advertising wine with the help of influencers is a great way to reach a new audience while authentically promoting your product. When you’re ready to start your search for influencers, check our list of the Top Wine Influencers on Instagram and TikTok and continue your search on The Creator Marketplace. You’ll find a wide variety of influencers who are eager to work with brands just like yours.   


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