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In 2018, house and home cleaning influencer Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as Mrs. Hinch, revealed in a post that the Minky M Cloth was one of her favorite cleaning tools. In a heartbeat, Minky’s cleaning pads were sold out for months thanks to her praises on social media. Around the world, house and home cleaning and organizing influencers are sweeping social media with their tips on how to scrub down a home.

We seem to have a fascination with watching others clean their homes. Who doesn’t aspire to having a clean house? Known as “cleanfluencers”experts say we love watching them because there’s a therapeutic link between a clean and organized home and mental health.

The act of cleaning becomes important after traumatic events where material things seem wasteful and unnecessary. Cleaning and ridding spaces of emotional clutter is cathartic, clears our minds and gives us a sense of control, structure and order to our lives. Cleaning, much like baking or gardening, becomes a comforting activity to take on in a chaotic world.

Top house and home cleaning influencers

Brianna K

Brianna K is a popular YouTuber who shares homemaking content, but she’s most popular for her long, clean-with-me videos. On YouTube, Brianna is able to create videos that her 423,000 subscribers can follow along with as they clean their house together. Brianna also has a popular Instagram account where she shares mom life and homemaking content.

Melissa Maker, Clean My Space

Canadian influencer Melissa Maker not only shares cleaning content, but has started her own brand of microfiber products, Maker’s Clean. With 1.8 million YouTube subscribers, Melissa created content on YouTube and Instagram sharing the best tips on how to keep your space squeaky clean.

Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

With almost 750,000 followers, Becky Rapinchuk’s Instagram Clean Mama feed is clean, easy to navigate and full of tips. Becky urges followers to stop cleaning on weekends (sigh of relief) and stop making cleaning complicated! She happily includes plenty of free printable checklists for house cleaning.

Kayleigh, Clean with Kayleigh

Clean-with-me content isn’t just for Instagram and YouTube anymore! TikTok influencers like Kayleigh are popping up all over the app with the popular #cleanwithme hashtag that has 2.1 billion watches. These cleaning and restocking videos are also crossing into the ASMR space.

Megan Hickman, Love Meg

Megan Hickman’s YouTube videos are clearly designed with the millennial and Gen Zer in mind. This young mom’s videos have upbeat background music, and her stills are splashed with fun titles. Her channel oozes happy and vibrant and she’s contributing to encouraging young homemakers to clean their homes. Megan also is active on Instagram and even promotes her own LoveMeg Surface Cleaner.

Amanda, This Crazy Life

Amanda of This Crazy Life on YouTube uploads videos weekly surrounding cleaning, organizing and mom life. Amanda is a stay-at-home mom and is passionate about creating a space that’s peaceful and happier. She also likes to keep it real and share life moments without glossing over them.

Simon, Mancleany

Simon (whose last name remains a mystery) is not only a master at cleaning, but he’s also a mental health advocate. He sprinkles motivation and support into his Instagram feed. Simon is very open about his severe depression and how his cleaning company, and the act of cleaning, saved his life.

Alexandra Beuter

With over 42 million views on her channel, Alexandra Beuter is a popular home and cleaning influencer on YouTube and Instagram. This boy mom shares lifestyle, organization, DIY and home videos twice a week for her subscribers. Her channel is a place if you are looking for some motivation or if you’re looking for organization and cleaning tips.

Lynsey Crombie, Lynsey Queen Of Clean

Known as the “queen of clean,” Lynsey Crombie shares the message that people can fit work, family life, cooking, and cleaning into their lives in a fun and upbeat way. Her Instagram grid is full of pink and other cheerful colors. Linsey is a best-selling author and TV cleaning expert, and she fills her feed with products that actually work.

Gemma Bray, The Organised Mum

British influencer Gemma Bray does believe there’s more to life than doing housework, but that’s precisely why she has a devoted following. Her refreshing images and reels are not very “Instagram-worthy,” but that’s all a part of her relatable appeal. She fills her page with humor and realistically helpful tips, and she is also a doula!

Amy Darley

Amy Darley is a stay-at-home mom from Savannah, Georgia, who loves to share deep cleaning inspiration on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Amy creates cleaning, organization, home decor and mom life content that keep her subscribers coming back for more. Amy loves sharing mom hacks and massive clean-with-me videos weekly.

Carissa Nunez, Carissa Cleans It All 

Carissa Nunez of Carissa Cleans It All on YouTube is a girl mom times three from Indiana who shares cleaning and organizing videos as well as DIY videos. She and her husband are fixing up their 1990s builder-grade home to be cozy and modern. Her bright, clean feed on Instagram is a testament to how she keeps her home (we love the inspiration!).


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