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Sometimes it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination. These 25 top hotel influencers travel the globe, promoting world-class destinations through their vlogs, blogs, feeds, and tweets. Follow these jet setters and confidently put your best foot forward when planning your next vacation.

23 of the top hotel influencers

Damon Dominique

Damon is convinced he was destined to be a world traveler from birth. Damon, which is nomad backward, shares his frequent and expansive excursions, but he also offers courses that help people learn French and Spanish. He also published the book, “You Are A Global Citizen,” which discusses the experience of immersing in different cultures and how to get the most out of it. You’ll find various travel guides on his website and tips on his social media. 

Johnny Jet

John DiScala, aka Johnny Jet, is one of the first luxury hotel influencers. His website is now a hub for travel tips, blogs, hotel information, hot deals and booking tools. He uses Instagram to share precious family moments, along with breathtaking views from around the world.

Louis Cole

Hotel and travel influencer Louis uses his YouTube channel and Instagram to bring his audience along on his exploits to far-flung corners of the world. The focus is on travel and adventure and that happens to include fascinating stops along the way in desert hotels, luxury accommodations and even a haunted building. He even documents his road trip from LA to New York. He converted an old Volkswagen camper into an electric van using recycled Tesla batteries.

Brian Kelly

As the founder and CEO of The Points Guy, a travel and lifestyle media platform, Brian shares a wide range of content, including travel tips, curated travel guides and hotel reviews. His blog contains helpful information for things like travel credit cards, points and miles, hotels, cruises, airlines, family vacations, road trips, and so much more. 


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Kate McCulley

Some of the best online influencers identify a niche market and explore it. Kate began exploring the idea of solo travel as a woman and hasn’t looked back since. Her travel blog is a wealth of information for solo adventurers, including hotel reviews, tips for safety, and destination picks, and her Instagram showcases her vacations.

Kiersten Rich

Kiersten is the brains behind The Blonde Abroad, a highly successful blog site that provides everything from travel tips and hotel highlights to a shop for travel accessories and fashion. The top hotel influencer has visited over 70 countries and encourages her followers to live a life they love. Her Instagram features photos and videos of her hotel stays and trips and moments with her beautiful baby, family and friends.

Eric Stoen

Many influencers focus on high adventure or solo travels to exotic locations using obscure modes of transport. Eric’s Travel Babbo blog focuses on adventures for the whole family. If you’re taking the kids on vacation to Vail and need to know where to stay, or you’re off on a road trip with your siblings, this hotel influencer’s content is a great place to get your journey off on the right foot.

The Luxury Travel Expert

Only interested in the best of the best? The Luxury Travel Expert on YouTube and Instagram is a great place to learn about some of the most exotic hotels and resorts in the world. From private jets to fancy spas and extravagant hotel rooms, this page has become a go-to for witnessing the magic of luxury.

Ruben and Rach

Instagram is one of the most preferred platforms for showcasing hotels and vacation destinations. Ruben and Rach founded the @gamintraveler Instagram account to share some eye candy from their journeys and share fun facts about the experiences and destinations they explore. They also have @gaminluxury and a travel blog

Christina Vidal

Christina, the hotel influencer otherwise known as Jetset Christina, chases her dreams all over the world and captures stunning locations to share with her audience. Her travel blog covers all the best places to stay, and her Instagram provides glimpses of adorable family moments, especially on vacation. She also launched her own swimwear line.

Naomi-Jane Adams

Fashion and luxury travel often intersect on social media and Naomi has without a doubt embodied that concept. She takes her London look around the globe, showcasing luxury hotels, resort swimming pools and beaches. She’s also a great source of fashion inspiration and keeps up with the latest trends.

Clint Johnston

If you’re looking for luxury without the luxury price tag, you need to check out Clint’s content. As founder of the Triphackr website, he uses his blog and social media accounts to share top tips for upgrading your adventure and snippets from his own.

Luxe Family Travel

Mom of four Emma tours the world with her family, sharing incredible sights with her audience. Her blog features news and reviews about fantastic family-friendly hotels, and her feed features some pretty cool exploits, like a presidential villa in the Maldives

Tiffany Dowd

As the founder of Luxe Social Media and Luxe Tiffany, Tiffany has positioned herself as a leading expert on global luxury hotels, and she often advises global travel brands on social media marketing and online strategies. Her website is a place where fashion, lifestyle and travel intersect.

Nick and Hannah

Nick and Hannah, the creators of the Salt in our Hair blog, have worked with various hotels and resorts. They hope to inspire as many people as possible to visit the gorgeous destinations they post or maybe plan their trip to a brand-new location.

Georgia Hopkins

When she quit her corporate life in Sydney, Georgia took to life on the open road and started the It’s Beautiful Here blog. Her travel guides document all aspects of her life of adventure and her Instagram allows users to set their sights on her wanderlust getaways, including stays in beautiful estates.

Jennifer Tuffen

It was a purchase of a new iPhone that led Jennifer into the world of photography. She combined her newfound hobby with her love for traveling and Izkiz, her travel blog, was born, along with a nostalgic feed that shows her stays in the Mediterranean and other scenic locations.

Hello Emilie

Emilie is known for her captivating landscape clicks shared on her Instagram. You can sense that she has a love for all things nature and the ecosystems she sees. Emilie also published the book, “Forever Wandering” and created her own photo editing app.

Timo Kiviluoma

Professional hotel and travel blogger Timo uses his blog to share travel tips and bring awareness to different topics. Although his Instagram account is mostly in Finnish, his blog features a section in English.

Christina Tan

Christina’s Instagram is great for jaw-dropping views of stunning landscapes and beautiful world-class hotels. She’s an ambassador for multiple camera gear and accessory companies and has been named a top travel influencer by several publications.

Tara Milk Tea

Tara’s social channels are like a visual bucket list for anyone with wanderlust. Her photographs and blog capture unique aspects of her travel destinations, and there are plenty of shots of her glamping or enjoying the high life in luxury hotels.


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Katie Dillon

Katie enjoys traveling with her family and has a passion for five-star hotels. She uses her blog and Instagram to share her experiences, along with tips and recommendations. 


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