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Including fun holidays like National Guacamole Day on Sept. 16 into your influencer marketing mix is a great way to boost engagement among followers and spike the interest of new consumers with unique content. These food influencers on Pinterest are combining bold and delicious flavors with fun and easy-to-follow recipes that thousands of social media users are pinning. Check out some of the tastiest guac recipes on Pinterest.

Tasty guacamole recipes on Pinterest to try

Mike and Patty — Chili Pepper Madness

When it comes to guacamole, Mike and his wife Patty have perfected the most tasty recipe. With 162.3K followers on Pinterest, Mike and Patty have combined their love for spicy foods and talents for cooking to create popular boards with the best recipes to make at home. Mike and Patty share a whole board of guacamole recipes that are perfect for the upcoming holiday. Make sure to check out their Jalapeño Popper Guac recipe.

Veronika — Veronika’s Kitchen

Veronika shares recipes using minimal ingredients that are all healthy and often vegan. The at-home chef posts her favorite meals with more than 73.2K followers. With variations of guacamole recipes, this one that includes only five ingredients is bound to become a new staple dip in your home.

Elise Bauer — Simply Recipes

If you are a fan of guacamole but don’t always care for tomatoes, this recipe is for you. The founder of Simply Recipes, Elise, has created a tailored version that mimics Chipotle’s guac and will make your mouth water. Her popular boards have earned her more than 590K followers

Karen — Soup Addict

Although her name on Pinterest can be deceiving, more than 36.9K followers know that Karen loves more than just delicious soup recipes. Karen has created her own crowd-pleasing hit guacamole recipe. Check out her version of guacamole that she calls her Triple Layer Guacamole Salsa Party Dip.

Jason and Julie — gimmesomegrilling

Jason and Julie are a power couple on Pinterest who create recipes everyone can make on their grills and smokers at home, and what better way to spice up a simple guacamole recipe than by adding some smokey flavors? Jason and Julie have shared a delicious homemade guacamole recipe with grilled corn with their more than 72.8K followers.

Jessica — Together as a Family

As an incredibly talented at-home chef, Jessica has perfected putting together tasty meals for her family. She posts creative recipes for over 398.8K followers. Jessica has a spicy twist on the classic guacamole recipe. Check out her salsa verde guacamole recipe that you can make as a dip or include in other recipes.

Katerina — diethood

Katerina considers herself to be a “cookie maker and photo taker” but more than 406.5K followers know that she has an incredible talent for cooking pretty much anything. Katerina has a guacamole recipe that includes mango!

Lisa Bryan — downshiftology

Lisa uses her creative talent to put her own spin on traditional recipes. Her BLT guacamole combines the classic savory bacon flavors with juicy tomatoes, creamy avocados, and onions that come together to form a mouthwatering guacamole recipe.

Mary — Barefeet in the Kitchen

Mary, the creative mind behind Barefeet in the Kitchen, uses her platform to teach more than 279.3K followers how to cook up tasty dishes. Her pomegranate guacamole is the perfect combo of sweet and savory to include in your next dips.

Traci — Vanilla and Bean

As a vegetarian who loves sweet and savory dishes, Traci uses her Pinterest and popular blog to showcase her talents for creating both. Traci mixes up the classic guac recipes by adding sour cream, a simple yet tasty twist to a traditional dip more than 62.3K followers love.

Teresa — Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen

If you love avocados but don’t like the typical guacamole texture, you are in luck with this recipe. Teresa has created a unique guacamole recipe in a way that leaves it tasty and chunky. Her chunky homemade guac is just the beginning of her delicious creations that have grabbed the attention of more than 154.5K followers.

Jon — Nutrition You Can Trust

Jon uses his Pinterest platform to highlight his favorite healthy and delicious recipes including this unique twist on guacamole. Jon’s creative talents shine through this guac recipe as he adds black olives to brighten up traditional guacamole.


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