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Raising brand awareness and increasing engagement can certainly be an expensive and lengthy endeavor. But, there are many different digital marketing options that a business on a budget could use to growth-hack new audiences. We call these the $100 lead boosters.

The buyer’s journey now consists of many different digital micro-moments before purchasing. Businesses need to meet their consumers multiple times on the devices and apps they are already using. But thanks to powerful targeting ad technology and the new medium of Influencer Marketing, all marketers need to find short-term success is $100, a few good pieces of content, and dedication.

Let’s learn how your business can easily begin reaching new and existing customers on the cheap. Here are three ways to growth-hack new audiences and generate new leads:

Facebook Ads

Facebook’s ad platform is very user-friendly, even for the novice social media marketer. From the business profile itself, managers can easily boost a post with content they want a targeted audience to see. For as little as $1 per day, a business can growth-hack new audiences by running an ad on Facebook.

Targeting options range from the current fans and followers of a business’s page (great for customer appreciation offers!) to audiences that have no connection to the page at all. For just $100, a business can easily increase their engagement, their reach, and their followers.

For more experienced social media marketers, Facebook also offers a more advanced ad management platform. Audiences can be further refined, and, most importantly, ads created through the ad manager can also be scheduled to appear on Instagram. Two platforms for the price of one!

Google AdWords

For businesses that are looking to grow their brand awareness or to increase conversions, Google AdWords offers both click- and impression-based ad options. Google’s search engine captures more than 70 percent of search engine traffic worldwide and has an estimated 1.6 billion unique visitors per month. The smart move for any business looking to growth-hack new audiences with search engine marketing is to use the tools Google offers.

For new businesses, ads on Google’s search engine result pages expose potential customers to the brand. This is especially helpful for new websites that are not ranking highly. Paid search results put their businesses at the top of the page, right next to established competitors.

AdWords campaigns are also an excellent way to track and encourage conversions. Whether you define a conversion as reaching a specific page, placing a call, or completing a purchase, ads on Google can fit into most businesses’ goals.

Depending on the keywords relevant to a business and the type of campaign, $100 can buy anywhere from a few days’ to a few weeks’ worth of ads. The platform is definitely more advanced than Facebook’s, and, as such, businesses would be wise to invest in a team member or agency that is Google AdWords certified.

IZEA’s ContentAmp

IZEA’s newest self-service influencer marketing software offering is ContentAmp. It’s a perfect solution for businesses on a budget ready to see how influencer marketing can benefit them.

With Facebook and Google, the business itself is in charge of determining the audience for their content. ContentAmp flips that idea on its head by putting influencers in charge of sharing your content with their audiences. Pulling from an extensive network of top-tier social media influencers, ContentAmp facilitates the distribution of content to influencers.

A business uploads a blog post or web page they want influencers to share. Then influencers choose content that is most relevant to them and their followers, share it and receive compensation based on the number of clicks the content gets. Businesses set the budget and there is no monthly licensing fee. Instead, ContentAmp follows a cost-per-click model so businesses pay only for engagement they receive. Plus, advanced tracking technology weeds out any bot-driven traffic or artificially inflated click-throughs.

Whether you have a budget of $10, $50, or $100, you get to decide what each piece of content is worth and how much you’re willing to spend.

ContentAmp draws on the authenticity of influencer marketing and the trusted nature of word-of-mouth marketing. It’s an easy option to connect your brand with influencers that match your values and personality. And, just like Facebook and Google, ContentAmp provides real-time analytic measurement and performance reports for each article shared by each influencer.

Think you have what it takes to growth-hack new audiences to boost your reach and lead generation for only $100? Take the challenge to find out what results your business can achieve.