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Whether you’re a keen amateur florist, looking for creative inspiration for your bouquets and arrangements, or an experienced marketer searching for content creators to collaborate with, you’ll find some incredible influencers transforming the flower game. From breathtaking displays of colors and textures on Instagram to floral tutorials all over YouTube, these blooms experts help flower fanatics reach their most beautiful potential creations. We’ve gathered a list of top florist influencers blooming on social media.

Florist influencers blooming brightly

Alexander Campbell

As the founder of the Bloom Collective and well-known floral designer, Alex takes to TikTok to share his incredible work with more than 1.2M followers. Alex is one of the most popular influencers on #flowertok. He creates educational floral content for his followers, from rose hacks and ways to style arrangements to birth flowers.

Adam and Alicia Rico

Named the top florists in the world by Harper’s Bazaar and Martha Stewart, this couple has some of the most beautiful floral Instagram content. Known for their wedding and event florals, this dynamic duo showcases the gorgeous work they have designed. They have built and designed florals for celebrity weddings and impress more than 154K followers with their fresh creations.

Rachel Cho

Rachel is one of the most popular florist influencers on social media, sharing her talent and passions for floral design on TikTok. With more than 137K followers, see everything from grocery store arrangements to flower hacks and tricks for creating beautiful designs. Her posts are full of love for her work and all the impressive designs she creates.

Kiana Underwood

With her popular Instagram presence and successful career in floral design worldwide, Kiana is one of the most well-known florist influencers on social media. The New York and Italy-based florist creates bouquets and displays for beautiful weddings. Beyond being a florist, Kiana is successful businesswoman and author. Her colorful feed showcases the gorgeous work she has done worldwide.

Christina — tulip_tok

As a floral artist and entrepreneur based in Napa, California, Christina takes to TikTok to share her love for floral design. Christina creates centerpiece ideas, wrapped bouquets and seasonal arrangements. The florist influencer runs a studio with her mother. Her more than 36K followers see a feed of color and inspiration.

@tulip_tok Lilac Kiss 🌸 vs. Maraschino Cherry 🍒Would love to know which palette you’d choose 😘💞 #valentinesflowers #flowerlovers #floristlife #floraldesigner #vdayflowers #floralinspo #pinkflowers #valentinesday2022 ♬ original sound - Phoebe

Erin Benzakein

Erin joins our list as a flower farmer, writer, teacher, seed grower, plant breeder, and beauty seeker. As one of the most popular florist influencers on Instagram with more than 1M followers, Erin uses her page to inspire others and show her love for natural beauty. She plants and designs a variety of bouquets. Her incredible creations brighten up your feed.

Alicia Schwede

Alicia shares her experiences growing and designing flowers in Washington. In addition to her beautiful creations all over social media, Alicia teaches others through her floral design classes at her studio. Her Instagram features bright and beautiful content, including her favorite arrangements.

Karen Tran 

Karen is an international event designer and creator of the Floral Experience Masterclass. The wedding and floral designer shows her incredible work with more than 266K followers. She posts about weddings she has designed pieces for, her favorite designs and her travels across the world.

Jacob Soule

Known as the Plant Prodigy on TikTok, Jacob is a floral content creator. Jacob teaches his 980K followers how to care for their plants. Jacob joins #planttok with educational and entertaining content.

Gabriella — La Musa De Las Flores

As a floral designer, educator and gardener, Gabriella shows the beautiful arrangements she turned into art. Her more than 195K followers see her sophisticated vibe and talent for creating art with natural beauty. Gabriella is also the founder of Heartfelt Floristry.

Claus Dalby

Claus is a Danish gardener and photographer with a talent for capturing natural beauty. His more than 471K followers see his beautiful creations and arrangements. He shares his love for growing a variety of plants and showcases his impressive greenhouse.

Julio Freitas

Known on Instagram for being the creator of The Flower Hat, Julio is a popular florist on the platform. His Instagram flower shop shows his talent for creating beautiful arrangements. His feed demonstrates the huge bouquets and arrangements he has created. His more than 115K followers see his impressive creativity.

Helen Skiba — Artemis Flower Farm

As a flower enthusiast and creator, Helen shares her passion for flower farming with more than 12.2K Instagram followers. Helen is a farmer and plant lover who creates beautiful arrangements, shares updates about Artemis Flower Farm, and showcases some of her favorite plants.


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