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Florida is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country today and a hotspot for many different types of creators. From fashion and lifestyle creators to foodies sharing tasty spots around the state, Florida influencers have grabbed the attention of many with their love for the state. Florida TikTok influencers are great to work with as they represent local brands and businesses in a new light and successfully reach various targeted audiences. 

Top Florida TikTok influencers

If you are looking for an authentic foodie to represent your food and cooking-related brand, Lourdes can help. As a Florida-based Mexican-American cooking and lifestyle influencer, Lourdes reaches a large audience of more than 63K followers on TikTok. She creates delicious recipes and highlights her talent in the kitchen. Her tutorial-styled content makes it easy to recreate these tasty meals at home.

Sophia and Mauro

Sophia and Mauro are a dynamic duo who use their TikTok to share their exciting Miami lifestyle and create funny relationship content that entertains more than 171.5K followers. The duo often incorporate their Spanish heritage into their content and stay current on the latest dance and prank-style TikTok trends.

Jon — Scratch Dad

Jon is a Clermont, Florida-based cooking influencer who shares recipes. The family man and at-home chef encourages 35.2K followers to cook. He posts descriptive tutorials on classic recipes and his unique twists on dishes. He often features his favorite cooking-related brands throughout his content.


Creamy mushroom and sausage pasta recipe In order of appearance: 8 oz white mushrooms (finely chopped for kids, but I like mine a heartier size) 1 tbsp olive oil 5 cloves garlic minced 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (adjust +/- for heat preference) 1 lb mild Italian sausage 1 cup dry white wine (I used Chardonnay) 1 cup milk 1/4 cup AP flour 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan 1/2 cup fresh parsley Salt/pepper to taste (the sausage and cheese is salty, so add slowly and taste as you go 😊) Tip: cook everything in a pan that’s been preheated over medium heat until it’s time to add your cheese and parsley — at that point, turn the burner all the way to low, or completely off if you’re using a cast iron because it holds the heat really well. #pastatok #mushroom #sausage #pasta #scratchdad

♬ original sound - Scratch Dad

Laura Montenegro

Meg — OGmegfit

Meg shares her love for fitness as an accomplished lawyer and creative influencer. She posts health and wellness content for more than 82K followers. Meg shares her incredible shredded physique as a Tampa-based influencer who shares workouts and exercise tutorials.


Wedding (i mean honeymoon 😏) prep in full effect 🔥💦😍💒💍 #crossfit #abs #workout #summerbody #gymtok #gymvlog #workoutvlog #vlog #fyp

♬ Paint The Town Red - Doja Cat

Sam McGraw

As a Fort Lauderdale-based beauty and lifestyle influencer, Sam uses her platform to share her passions for makeup, skincare and wellness with a special friend. Her sweet beagle, Ted, appears throughout her feed as they review trendy makeup brands and products and share tutorials with more than 572.9K followers on TikTok. She primarily shares cruelty-free makeup brands and products.


Sensitive skin can be so picky with what doesn't stress out the skin. I found this great cruelty free + vegan Vitamin C Serum by Mad Hippie and literally love it. #crueltyfree #vitamincserum #ultafinds #trendingskincare @Mad Hippie

♬ original sound - Sam & Ted the Beagle

Arielle Tara

Arielle is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty influencer based in Orlando with more than 2.2M followers. Arielle posts content about travel, relatable and humorous content, vlogs with her friends and family, and much more.

Melissa Lattari

Melissa is a Miami Beach-based fitness influencer who has earned a following of more than 209.6K followers with her fitness advice and workouts. With a series on Sweat and Glow tips and fitness advice for beginners, Melissa’s feed is educational and valuable. Her inspirational words motivate her followers to stay active and healthy.


📲 If you need help with getting back on track and want to follow a proper workout routine, join my RESET PROGRAM! We start september 4th #bodytransformation #workoutprogram #workoutroutine #fatloss #cellulite #fitnessjourney #workoutmotivation #viral

♬ Bang Bang - Jessie J & Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

Tamra Moon

Tamra is a Crestview, Florida-based influencer who shares some of everything. The lifestyle influencer often shares her popular talks that address everything from pop culture and politics to her favorite recipes, plus-size fashion and beauty routines. The TikToker has gained over 268K followers and hosts the Small But Mighty podcast.

Ava Jett

Ava is a talented creator who shares modern-styled beauty and fashion content that has reached more than 297.8K followers. Ava shares her love for makeup brands and stylish trends as she shares try-on hauls, get-ready-with-me posts, unboxing vlogs, and pop-culture-related content.


Glaze Hair Gloss in shade Vanilla Lights is my favorite! You can use the code :AVAJETT for 20% off!#glazeup #glazehairgloss #glazeisamazing #skipthesalon

♬ I wish you would - Taylor搬运工


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