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Flag football is a variant of American football that substitutes tackling with the removal of fabric flags attached to the waistband of opposing players. Originating back in the 1940s, flag football has steadily gained traction, thanks in part to the establishment of entities like the American Flag Football League and the NFL Flag Championships. Flag football is set to make its Olympic debut at the Los Angeles 2028 games, marking a significant milestone in its rich history. 

As we spotlight the top flag football athletes who aren’t only excelling in the game but also playing a pivotal role in popularizing the sport, there presents a unique opportunity for brands. Brands can harness the growing popularity of these athletes by collaborating with them on advertising campaigns, sponsorship deals, or even creating co-branded merchandise. This synergy enhances the brand’s visibility and allows them to tap into the athletes’ loyal fan base, creating a win-win scenario.

Flag football athletes on social media

Diana Flores 

Diana stands out as one of the most prominent figures in flag football. As the quarterback and team captain of the National Mexican flag football team, she exemplifies leadership on and off the field. Not only is she a NFL ambassador, but she has also played a pivotal role in inspiring and guiding women into the sport of flag football. With 189K followers on Instagram, Diana’s audience gets a glimpse of her game insights and encounters with NFL superstars such as Justin Jefferson. They also get to celebrate her remarkable career achievements with her, including her selection for Forbes 30 under 30, further cementing her status as a trailblazer in the sports.

Vanita Krouch

Vanita is a quarterback for the U.S. Women’s Flag National Team. She’ll also be a part of the Team USA flag football team for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Her Instagram page grants her 7.9K followers a glimpse into her life as an athlete. She posts about everything from trips to White House for Women’s History Month to exciting in-game action shots. Vanita is also an entrepreneur, owning The Ivy League, a social sports league, and 4WARD, an apparel brand.

Jo Overstreet 

Jo is a decorated flag football athlete with 17.9K Instagram followers. Her page is a source of inspiration for flag football athletes with content such as training session videos, coaching moments with her all-girl flag football team and exciting in-game highlights. Notably, Jo is a member of the U.S. Women’s Flag National team, boasting an impressive record of three gold medals earned alongside her teammates.

Laneah Bryan

Laneah is a women’s national flag athlete with 3.9K Instagram followers. She has an entrepreneurial spirit, being the founder of two businesses. One of her businesses is a solar energy company and the other is a construction and roofing company. Her passion for flag football shines through as she shares photos of her training camp opportunities and highlight reels.

Deon Paige 

Deon is a wide receiver and defensive back for the Boston Brigade, a team in the American Flag Football League. His dedication shines through on his feed with various pictures and reels of his flag football games. He has a growing audience of 3.1K Instagram followers.

Darrell Housh Doucette III

Darrell is a flag football athlete on the Las Vegas Lucky 7s. He has an impressive resume including a World Games Gold medal and being selected as a global ambassador for the U.S. National Football team. In addition to his flag football content, Darrell also posts about his vacations and red carpet appearances. He has 12.7K Instagram followers.

Velt Brown 

Velt is a professional flag athlete with 2.4K Instagram followers. He’s on the Nashville Nighthawks and won a gold medal at the International Federation of American Football in 2023 with the U.S. National Football Team. He shows off his impressive football skills through his various in-game highlight reels.

Madison Fulford 

With a growing community of 5.6K Instagram followers, Madison is making a name for herself in flag football. Her captivating feed includes clips with NFL superstars, elite flag football events and impressive shots of her athletic skills. She’s also an ambassador for SYZMiK, an athletic headgear and apparel brand.

Silvia Contreras 

Silvia stands out as a popular figure in the flag football community on Instagram, with a sizable following of 62K. As an elite athlete, she has garnered multiple prestigious medals, including a gold from the World Games and a silver from the IFAF World Championship. Her achievements have garnered attention, leading her to feature on magazine covers such as Football Nation. Notably, she is set to make her Olympic debut for flag football at the 2028 Los Angeles games.

Arianna Lora 

Arianna, representing Team Mexico as a flag football athlete, has a following of 24K on Instagram. Among her notable achievements are winning gold at the World Games 2022, securing a silver medal at the IFAF World Championship 2021 and another silver at the IFAF Americas Championship 2023. Beyond her prowess on the flag football field, Arianna shares her passion for tennis and documents her adventures during European trips, offering her followers a glimpse into her various interests and experiences. 

Bruce Mapp 

Bruce is a multifaceted individual, excelling as both an entrepreneur and a flag football athlete, with a dedicated following of 9.1K followers on Instagram. His remarkable athletic skills has earned him the opportunity to represent Team USA in flag football’s highly anticipated debut at the 2028 Los Angeles Games. Beyond his sporting pursuits, Bruce also owns a thriving food truck business, providing customers with refreshing water ice and mouth watering Philly cheesesteaks.

Ashlea Klam

Ashlea is a talented flag football athlete and student at Keiser University. Her Instagram content offers a glimpse into her journey toward joining the U.S. Women’s National Team, providing valuable insights into her rigorous training regimen. With a devoted following of 11.9K, her followers are captivated by her unwavering dedication to her sport.


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