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Personal finance YouTube channels are one of the more popular genres on the search platform. Personal finance videos often include investment tips, cryptocurrency updates, budget-with-me videos and cash envelope stuffing. With more people searching how to budget or where to invest, one of these financial influencers is sure to help.

11 financial influencer posting content on YouTube

Debt Free Millennials

Justine Nelson of Debt Free Millennials started her channel to help others learn how to budget and pay off debt on a low income. Additionally, she wanted to prove that you don’t have to cut everything out to pay off debt. Justine shares how she paid off $35K of debt on a $37K income and her personal budget. She is an advocate for adding more streams of income to improve financial health. She also does budget reviews.

Caleb Hammer 

Caleb is a self-proclaimed “personal finance nerd” and YouTube content creator with 575K subscribers and over 11M video views. He uses his platform to perform financial audits and to educate his audience about properly managing their personal finances. He’s covered audits on student loans, rent and debt and his channel has quickly grown its subscriber count.

The Budget Mom

Kumiko Love of The Budget Mom has grown her YouTube channel and Instagram to help people with money. Kumiko started as a single mom trying to pay off debt on a low income. Now Kumiko continues to share her budget, sinking funds and other ways to improve your financial health, especially as a woman and a mom.

Pennies Not Perfection

Mary of Pennies Not Perfection (a channel named in reference to her daughter, Penny) shares how she paid off $83,000 in debt and was able to quit her 9-to-5 job to stay at home with her kids and run Pennies Not Perfect. Mary also sells different financial downloads on her Etsy shop while also teaching people how to run a successful Etsy store.

The Organized Money

Alaina of The Organized Money channel shares all things personal finance with her 160K subscribers. Alaina loves planners and budget planners, so she shares how she keeps her family on budget via her planner. Whether you’re looking to organize your life or just your money, Alaina has plenty of videos showing you how to get things together.

Jordan Budgets

In the online budgeting world, things like cash envelope stuffing have become more popular for those who prefer to budget only in cash. Jordan of Jordan Budgets shares how she budgets using cash envelopes on a low income. Jordan also has an Etsy store where she sells her own cash envelopes and other cash budgeting necessities.

Shay Budgets

Shay of Shay Budgets is a personal finance YouTuber, blogger and coach. Shay shares her personal finance goals, why she left her full-time job and her own personal budget recaps that show you what she spent. Sharing relatable content in which her followers can emulate her budget and her financial savvy, Shay considers herself close to financial freedom and creates content for her followers to do the same.

The Crafty Budgeter

Brittany of The Crafty Budgeter YouTube channel shares her journey about how she plans to pay off her family’s six-figure debt by the end of 2025 with her almost 10K subscribers. Brittany and her husband paid off $45,000 worth of debt in 2020 and started to document her journey to show others that anyone can pay off debt.

Baddies & Budgets

Jasmine of Baddies & Budgets, which has 117K subscribers, started budgeting in February 2021 and has since shared the process with YouTube. Jasmine’s journey with over $60,000 of debt is relatable because she grew sick of living beyond her means and decided to take control of her financial wellness. Now Jasmine uploads videos about three times a week showing her cash envelope stuffing and videos like how to repair your credit.

Marissa Lyda

Starting off on YouTube as The Budgeting Wife, Marissa Lyda has transitioned her channel away from being only about personal finance. However, she still uploads regularly to her almost 62K subscribers. Marissa focused on paying off all of her debt in her early 20s when she got married and now lives debt-free while teaching her subscribers how to do the same. Whether you’re looking to pay off your student loans or wanting to see how to budget a variable income, Marissa’s channel is for you.

Graham Stephan

With over 4.23M subscribers, Graham is a well-known personal finance and investment personality on YouTube. Graham shares about cryptocurrency, his $20 million portfolio or his popular reaction videos to what people are spending their money on. While Graham’s financial wealth isn’t necessarily relatable to most people, his helpful ideas and tips keep his subscribers coming back for more videos.


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