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It’s no secret that Instagram has become an increasingly popular platform for influencers to engage with their audiences — and finance influencers are a great example of this. With more people around the world accessing financial information online, having the top finance experts as your ambassadors can do wonders for your brand’s trustworthiness and credibility. But who are these finance influencers, and what makes them so appealing? In today’s blog post, we will discuss some top finance-related Instagram accounts.

Top finance influencers sharing their advice and knowledge on Instagram

Kia Commodore

Kia is transforming financial education through her popular page known as “Pennies to Pounds.” After experiencing financial difficulties, Kia set out to dive deeper into the finance industry and learn how to properly save and budget for herself. Her Instagram platform has gained more than 22.3K followers who tune in for advice for first-time homeowners, the details behind deposit-free mortgages and yearly saving goals.

Ken and Mary Okoroafor

Ken and Mary are the creative minds behind “The Humble Penny,” a blog that helps readers achieve financial freedom. The power couple attained their own financial freedom at the age of 34. They have gained more than 19.1K Instagram followers by discussing mortgages, saving your first $100K, how to think about money and love, and so much more.

Humphrey Yang

This former financial adviser has taken to Instagram to share everything he knows about personal finance and help more than 508K followers through their own journeys with money. His posts often discuss topics like investing in stocks in a way that even beginners can understand. His detailed explanations leave his followers engaged and excited to work on their own personal finances.

Dasha Kennedy — TheBrokeBlackGirl

Dasha is a financial activist who uses her platform to teach competent and culturally relevant financial education. She inspires her 236K followers and explains modern financial issues and personal experiences that have led her where she is today, like becoming a divorced single mother at 27. Her page covers many common mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Jeremy Schneider

As a businessman who retired at the age of 36, Jeremy is a transparent millionaire who shares his success with more than 497K followers. Jeremy posts daily money and investing tips through graphics that help his followers easily understand his advice. From posts on buying Teslas in today’s economy to addressing the national debt, Jeremy explains it all.

Delyanne Barros

As an investor coach, Forbes contributor, and CNN Podcast host, Delyanne is among some of the most popular finance influencers on Instagram, with over 192K followers. Her goal is to teach her followers how to slay the stock markets. Her account discusses topics like disliking the typical 9-to-5 jobs, work from home hacks, what not to do when it comes to money, and so much more.

Tiffany Aliche

Money educator and New York Times best-selling author of Get Good With Money, Tiffany knows a thing or two about enhancing your personal finances and she’s here to share her advice through her Instagram. Owner of a financial group that helps educate women on their finances and podcast host of Brown Ambition Podcast, Tiffany fills her feed with tips on navigating the world of finance.

Chelsea Fagan

As the creative mind behind The Financial Diet, Chelsea inspires others to achieve financial literacy and freedom. The Financial Diet focuses on sharing ways women can achieve success. From simple discussions on how having money is beneficial in the long term to things to do to prevent stress issues weekly, The Financial Diet helps more than 844K followers on Instagram.

Anthony O’Neal

With the hardships today’s economy can bring, Anthony is a breath of fresh air as he uses his platform to share ways that lead to positive health and wealth with more than 360K Instagram followers. His page focuses on celebrating everything, whether that be paying off car notes or having $1,000 in savings. Anthony encourages his followers to keep their chin up and keep working hard.

Haley Sacks

Haley is a finance expert known on Instagram as Mrs. Dow Jones. Haley uses her platform to share everything she knows about becoming financially stable. She has been featured in Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune 40 Under 40, and CNBC for her expert financial advice. She has more than 453K Instagram followers tune in for posts that make informative financial discussions exciting.

John Eringman

John is a financial content creator with the goal of providing his 107K followers with helpful advice to making smarter financial decisions. He shares free lessons on how to avoid losing money due to interest and discusses common topics like how much weddings cost today. The personal finance influencer shares his story in hopes of leading others in the right direction toward saving successfully.

Chris and Ericka Young — For Better or Worth

Power couple Chris and Ericka teamed together to create the popular finance blog For Better or Worth. The couple now uses their Instagram to share their own net worth journey with more than 88.1K followers. They share their advice as debt-free millionaires on how to invest, Roth IRAs, investments for children, and so much more.


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