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Women have faced many, many challenges throughout the years, but there’s a female empowerment movement that’s starting to chip away at some of the issues. By supporting each other, advocating for women’s rights, encouraging women to practice self-care, and offering moral support in a patriarchal society, these female empowerment influencers are making a difference. 

15 female empowerment influencers encouraging and inspiring others

Kirstie and Christine — onairplanemode__

Kirstie and Christine are all about love, luxurious travel and sharing their globe-trotting adventures with others. On Instagram, where they’re known as onairplanemode__, this uplifting couple always roots for women, whether they’re dishing out relationship advice from a sun-drenched resort in Mexico or celebrating love in Australia.  

Susan Good

Susan is passionate about teaching women to celebrate life. She treats her Instagram followers, who know her as iamhoneygood, to encouraging words for women over 50 and a message to renew your spirit and your soul as well as your wardrobe this spring. 

Itzel Ruelas

Itzel is a plus-size fashionista based in California who promotes body positivity. For her Instagram followers, Itzel showcases her confidence in sophisticated style and reaches new heights with a casual chic look

Mags — theconsistencycoach

Mags is on a mission to help her fellow women shed self-doubt and baggage that may be holding them back from living their best lives. Known to her TikTok followers as theconsistencycoach, Mags is a mid-tier influencer who talks about the importance of a positive mindset and how to break generational curses for a healthier lifestyle.   

Amanda de Cadenet

Amanda is an English entrepreneur, host, photographer, and advocate for women. For her 215K Instagram followers, Amanda shares her books on female empowerment topics and sheds light on important issues facing women worldwide.  

Jameela Jamil 

Jameela is a British actress, podcaster and a self-proclaimed “feminist-in-progress.” She’s also a mega-influencer on Instagram. She interviews a love and relationship therapist on hot topics regarding female issues and speaks out against dangerous diet trends that harm women’s body image and mental health.   

Candace Reels

Candace is a proud intersectional feminist, content creator and self-love advocate based in Los Angeles. As a mid-tier Instagram influencer, Candace takes part in a panel discussion on supporting women’s mental health and creates a beauty collection with a message that empowers women to be their most authentic selves.  


Celeste is a lifestyle vlogger who dishes out advice and mindfulness tips for women. On TikTok, Celeste shares wisdom while doing her skincare, hair and makeup routine, doling out advice like easy ways to prioritize yourself and confidence tips for women.  

Haley Weaver

Haley is an artist who expresses her feelings through her drawings. Her 267K Instagram followers, to whom she’s better known as haleydrewthis, tune in to her content for her illustrations on female reproductive rights issues and ways women can exercise self-care.

Gina Martin

Gina is a gender equality activist, writer and speaker. She’s also a mid-tier influencer on Instagram, where she spotlights her magazine column on issues affecting women and talks about finding hope and inspiration while feeling empowered.  

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan is a bestselling author, presenter, host, and content creator. As a mega-influencer on Instagram, Megan shines a light on eating disorder awareness and promotes body positivity by dissing diet culture. 


Claire is a mom and personal trainer in the United Kingdom. On TikTok, where she’s a macro-influencer, Claire shares her perspective on being a woman amid gender inequality and gives tongue-in-cheek advice for men who claim to feel uncomfortable working with women. 

Reta Grace 

Reta is a mindset coach and retreat leader passionate about uplifting women. On TikTok, Reta teaches her followers to respect each other’s uniqueness as women and the significance of loving one another instead of competing or judging

Dr. Amira Ogunleye

Dr. Amira does it all — she’s a mom, cosmetic dentist and a women’s empowerment advocate based in Miami. For her 222K Instagram followers, who know her best as doctoramira, she celebrates amazing women for Women’s History Month and encourages women to let their light shine brightly instead of dimming it for others. 

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