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Reality TV stars are finding a new stage on TikTok, spilling the tea on their lives. These celebrities are leveraging their fame and influence not only to entertain but also to promote brands and products. With their followings and high engagement rates, reality TV stars on TikTok are becoming a common choice for influencer marketing. Check out some of the most popular reality TV personalities on the platform.

Top reality tv stars on TikTok

Joey Graziadei

After being the runner-up of season 20 of “The Bachelorette,” Joey immediately stole the hearts of the public and went on to become the star of the 28th season of “The Bachelor.” Joey shares his humor about the season with more than 118.8K followers.

Fraser Olender

Fraser is a chief steward on Bravo’s hit TV show “Below Deck,” but TikTok knows him for his lifestyle content and vlogs, which he shares with more than 97.9K followers. He shares his favorite land activities, like attending celebrity events, participating in outdoor sports, and showing off his sense of fashion.


Back to business #Belowdeck #season11 premieres Monday, Feb. 5, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on @Bravo

♬ Ms. Jackson (Instrumental) - Outkast

Jessica Vestal

Jessica recently has gone viral for her empowering monologue and entertaining time on the show “Love Is Blind.” Jessica’s influence has helped her reach over 418.6K followers who are treated to her behind-the-scenes talks about the show, passions for beauty and fashion, and lifestyle as a single mom.

Amanda Batula

Amanda is a cast member on the shows “Summer House” and “Winter House.” She often posts to TikTok to share her exciting lifestyle with more than 140.1K followers. Amanda gives her fans on TikTok insights into drama on the show, sneak peeks into Season 8 of the show and what she’s up to today.


A daily convo with kyle

♬ original sound - cassie

Pauly D 

Pauly D previously rose to fame on “Jersey Shore” and now stars in “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.” Pauly D shares more of his life with over 2.5 million followers who want to see more of his life as a DJ and reality TV star.


Can you point out all the special guests in this Movie?? 🤔🤔 🎬🎥🍿

♬ redrum - 21 Savage

Julie Theis 

Julie is a cast member on the new reality show “The Trust.” On TikTok, she shares her life after the show, opinions about other contestants, and insights she learned while earning her master’s in psychology with her 549.9K followers.


New series! The psychology behind #TheTrust ill be doing the strengths and weaknesses of everyones game play! Starting off with Juelz! #thetrustnetflix #Psychology #CelebrityPsychology #Psychologybreakdowns

♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box - takaya

Kevin Kreider

Kevin has appeared on “Bling Empire” and owns a brand, SANS by Taejin Beverage. He is also popular for his appearances on the show “The Traitors.” On TikTok, he shares his life as an entrepreneur with his 95K followers.

Chelsea Blackwell

Chelsea is one of the most-discussed characters in the recent season ofLove Is Blind” after comparing herself to Megan Fox while on the show. She has continued to expand her reach on social media ever since, poking fun at herself on the show. Over 257.3K followers can see her hilarious commentary about the show, incredible sense of style, and more.

Daisy Kent

As one of the leading ladies on this season of “The Bachelor,” Daisy has grabbed the attention of more than 270K followers on TikTok by sharing her life on the show and her incredible story. Daisy raises awareness about cochlear implants and serves as an inspiration to her followers.

Ben Willoughby

Ben is bringing all the drama to this season of “Below Deck” as one of the deckhands on the show. His yachting experiences fill the feeds of more than 15.4K fans who are also treated to never-before-seen clips from the show.


From the Dock to the Top! @Bravo Come for a quick sprint from the dock up to the top sundeck foward brow with me. This is a daily route often taken on charter and man can it sometimes be a pain when you forget soemthing down in the tender garage. #belowdeck #belowdeckbravo #bravotv #belowdeckseason11 #wwhl #bravoholics#deckcrew #bravopersonalities #belowdeckmed #belowdecksailing #belowdeckdownunder #yachties #stdavidyacht #belowdeckseason11 #captainlee

♬ Everywhere - Babsy.

Scheana Shay

Scheana is one of the “Vanderpump Rules” cast members who takes her influence to TikTok, where she has 293.3K followers. Her appearances on the show have led her to create her podcast, “Scheananigans.”


Alex Baskin, the creator and EP of VanderpumpRules, is on @Scheananigans this week discussing all things season 11! 🌟 #scheanashay #scheananigans

♬ original sound - Scheana

Nick Viall

After his memorable time with “The Bachelor” franchise, Nick began the popular podcast The Viall Files. His popularity has helped him gain 1.1 million followers, with whom he shares his opinion on the latest reality TV drama and shares recent episodes of the podcast.

Kelsey Anderson

Kelsey is one of the top contestants in the recent season of “The Bachelor.” On TikTok, she documents her thoughts on each episode of the show. Over 106.1K followers see her adorable personality shine through her posts as she shares her lifein New Orleans and more.


“They’re talking about pit stains“

♬ La belle vie - Sacha Distel

Jimmy Presnell

Jimmy appeared on “Love Is Blind” and now uses his TikTok to share his hilarious personality and commentary about the show with more than 59K followers.


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