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Horses are the mane focus for equestrians, who dedicate themselves to providing top-notch training, grooming, and care for these elegant, athletic creatures. Whether they’re gracefully galloping or cantering at a competition, these equestrian influencers are always best in show.

Equestrian influencers showing their skills, knowledge

Jillian Faith

Jillian is a mid-tier TikTok influencer who documents her return to riding as an adult after spending years away from the saddle, riding her beautiful white Rhineland, and throwbacks from past competitions.

Matt Harnacke

Australian equestrian Matt got his big break as a professional model, but he’s a horse guy at heart. Matt’s 418K YouTube subscribers tune in to see his first 24 hours with his newest horse, test riding his “dream horse,” and his attempts at executing a standing rear on his horse.

Annica Hansen

Annica is a German model, presenter, and equestrian. Annica also appeared as a sports trainer on a German TV show in 2004. She is a mid-tier Instagram influencer who poses with her award-winning horses, shares sweet moments between her magnificent animals, and gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into grooming at her sprawling pony farm.

Charlotte Dujardin

British Dressage rider Charlotte, known as “The Girl on the Dancing Horse,” is Britain’s most decorated female Olympian of all time with six medals (three of them gold). Charlotte has 472K Instagram followers who enjoy seeing her accomplishments from competitions, product picks for staying in top form, and post-competition recovery routine.

Esme Higgs – This Esme

British equestrian Esme is also a video creator, producer, and writer who loves vlogging about her horses: Mickey, Joey, and Casper. Her work includes tutorials, horse care videos, and scenes from her everyday life. She is a YouTube influencer who goes horse jumping on Miami Beach, takes a “horsey adventure” in Africa, and tackles a daring side saddle challenge for her followers.

Jesse Drent

Jesse is a model, horse trainer, and author from the Netherlands. He encourages people to work with their horses in a positive way to yield the most rewarding results. Jesse is a mid-tier influencer on YouTube who spends his time decorating his stables for Christmas, doing pole work with his amazing horses, and spoiling them with new toys.

Reagan Ibach

North Carolina-based Reagan is a “horse obsessed” rider who regularly documents her everyday adventures alongside her beloved horses, particularly Cowboy. For her 196K Instagram followers, Reagan posts pics celebrating Cowboy’s 20th birthday, working with him outdoors, and snuggling up for a sweet selfie together.

Gracie Tyte – pony_nuts

Gracie is a young British event rider who is crazy about her four horses. Gracie has 166K Instagram followers who tune in to watch her get prepped mentally and physically for competition, host giveaways and perform with her horses.

Eva Roemaat – AlwaysHorseLove

Eva is a horse trainer based in the Netherlands. Eva is a mid-tier YouTube influencer who takes her followers along for the ride with her four horses, whether she’s long reining in the field, riding huge Draft horses, or playing in the muddy riding arena.

Bethany Lee

Bethany is a Florida-based horse trainer and podcaster who loves fashion, fitness, and travel. When she’s not talking horses on her podcast, Bethany is sharing her favorite products, horseback riding outfits, and stylish equestrian boot sock finds for her 44.6K followers.

Amy Bowers – ahorsiegirl

Athletic Amy is all about good horsemanship. As a team rider and mid-tier influencer on Instagram, Amy spends quality time playing with her horses, show jumping, and sharing tips like how to improve lower leg stability while riding with her followers.

Kate Lewis – blobthecob

British equestrian and coach Kate is based out of North Yorkshire. She has 152K followers on Instagram. Whether she’s showing off her skills in competition, spotlighting her beautiful horses, or sharing her favorite riding looks, Kate’s always on top of her game.

Zoey Luna – zlequestrian

Californian professional equestrian Zoey trains former racehorses as jumpers and hunters. As a mid-tier Instagram influencer, Zoey posts her horse training progress with rideability, barefoot transition, and teaching cross rails.  

Jade Armendariz

Jade is a champion dressage rider. With 205.7K TikTok followers, she enjoys posting videos of her horses’ new moves, giving voice commands to her stallion, and welcoming adorable four-legged newcomers to her family’s horse ranch.

Anja Fee

German equestrian Anja blogs about her two treasured horses, Disney and Sam. Anja shows off her pretty fashion picks for riding, competition highlights, and showing off her signature style with a sparkling helmet with her 314.2K TikTok followers.


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