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An increasing number of brands are embracing sustainable principles. A recent survey shows 60% of companies are reducing energy use, 61% are decreasing operational waste, and 43% are reducing emissions. 

What’s behind this trend? The majority of brands say they’re making changes for two reasons: It’s the right thing to do and to give their reputation a boost. As brands continue to make more eco-conscious choices, connecting with a sustainably-minded influencer could be a great way to promote your new green efforts subtly. 

There are many eco-friendly influencers out there. From eco-travelers to zero-waste influencers, marketers can connect with influencers that align with their eco-niche. 

For brands targeting families, this list of 10 eco-friendly moms could provide some inspiration

Katie Wells (@wellnessmama)

This mom of six is the best friend everyone wants to have. Her website and social channels are all about supporting and uplifting moms who want to live a more natural life. Her positivity has helped her amass 223 thousand followers on Instagram, who tune in for tips on everything from natural skincare alternatives to the benefits of essential oils.

Danielle Alvarado (@wondermamas)

Danielle Alvarado is a vegan mom of twin boys who promotes a plant-based diet. While the concept might seem a little daunting to many, Alvarado creates meal plans for customers to show them how to move away from the “standard American diet.” You’ll find some mouthwatering snapshots on her Instagram of dishes like pomegranate quinoa salad along with inspirational quotes.  

Erin Rhodes (@therougeginger)

One of Australia’s most outspoken advocates for zero waste, Erin Rhodes inspires her 26K followers to make small changes in their everyday life. As a mom, she gives tips on packing lunches with reusable containers or shares tips on buying in bulk – without single-use packaging. 

Em Ehlers (@ecowithem_)

Ehlers is a writer, illustrator, and environmentalist who takes on all things sustainable with a dash of humor. She has some wonderfully creative illustrations on her Instagram page that offer inspirational tips on everything from keeping fruits fresh without plastic to plastic-free hair care.

Natalie (@sustainablychc)

A micro-influencer out of Jacksonville, Florida, Natalie promotes sustainable fashion and encourages women to build a conscious wardrobe. She partners with a lot of different brands to review green products like hemp-based clothes and handmade accessories


I buy things I can see myself wearing a decade down the road 👚 #sustainablefashion #sustainablewardrobe

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Tiffany Washko (@TiffanyWashko)

Eco Mom Tiffany Washco lives in an urban homestead in Ohio and voices her eco-opinions on her blog and social channels. After a bout with colon cancer, Washko was encouraged to make more healthy choices, including eater cleaner, removing toxins from her body, and connecting with nature

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff (@rachellincolnsarnoff)

A mom of three, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff has an interesting blog, Mommy Greenest, where she promotes all-things-green. From natural laundry detergents and refillable deodorants to book suggestions that emphasize natural living, the former nonprofit director has a variety of actionable tips on Instagram. 

Jess Morales (@babystepstozerowaste)

Jess Morales and her family of four are working to create a zero-waste lifestyle, which is tricky with two toddlers at home. This Canadian writes about her family’s efforts to compost, reduce holiday waste and pack for a family trip with little waste. Plus, fun posts about buying pre-loved maternity clothes at a thrift store and packing lazy yet healthy bento box lunches fill her Instagram page. 

Stephanie Gerber (@helloglowblog)

Stephanie Gerber writes on her blog Hello Glow, where readers “find DIY beauty tips and recipes to make you glow inside and out.” While she does have a variety of smoothie recipes and tasty snack ideas, you’ll also find a lot about green cleaning products like this post to create natural bleach. Gerber’s 64K followers also love the DIY bath ideas, like this recipe for a warm muscle rub

Jen Smith (@ecoofficegals)

Influencer Jen Smith caters to a unique green sector. She provides eco-friendly and paperless office services for brands that have a sustainable focus. She offers virtual assistant services, website design, and green web hosting. She promotes sustainable brands and gives her modest following a look at her personal life on Instagram.  

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