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From tired parents looking for fun ways to entertain the kids on wet weekends to war gamers who want to know how to paint miniature masterpieces, the world is full of people looking for information and inspiration to guide their next DIY craft project. In 2017, three of the five top “how to” Google searches were related to crafts, with the number one trending question “how to make slime” topping the list ahead of searches regarding weight loss and improving a credit rating. Here are 25 of the top DIY craft blogs using content marketing to cash in on the demand for crafty ideas.

25 Top DIY Craft Blogs

Crafts on Sea

Crafts on Sea is one of those DIY craft blogs that offers ultimate solutions for what to do with the kids on a rainy Sunday. Crafty creations include superhero-inspired costumes and fun projects for toddlers. There are even projects for parents whose spark of creativity hasn’t burned out by the time the kids go to bed.

Heart Handmade

Great content is essential, but a strong personality really helps to sell a brand. When you visit the DIY craft blog Heart Handmade, you’ll find a “Start Here” tab that speeds you through an introduction with Claire and her “monster cat.” It’s a great way to help you feel right at home.

A Beautiful Mess

A way to an audience’s heart is via the stomach. “How to cook that” is a top search on YouTube, and several big brands are cashing in on a hunger for food-related content. The A Beautiful Mess blog has a dedicated food section, but also covers decor and crafting; and the “wish list” tab is a clever way of gently driving sales of promoted products.


In 2017, Claire Wilson became one of the world’s first Etsy Educators, teaching sellers how to start a creative business online. This role has positioned her as a strong thought leader in the realm of online crafts. Her blog Claireabellemakes is certainly one of the top DIY craft blogs.

Brit + Co

Craft enthusiasts are free-spirited, fun-loving folk who enjoy color and creativity, and inspiring each other. The Brit + Co DIY craft blog understands there’s more to crafting than glue and glitter, and covers all aspects of modern living, including important issues such as diversity.

A Pair and a Spare

Newsletters and white papers are a solid way to build sales leads. A first visit to the DIY craft blog A Pair and a Spare presents readers with a free downloadable “wardrobe rehab” book offer in exchange for just an email address.

Crafts by Amanda

Filling DIY craft blogs with plenty of fantastic evergreen content keeps visitors coming back for more. But it also helps to have everything well-organized. In addition to a search function, Crafts by Amanda uses categories such as seasonal crafts, adult crafts, and kid’s crafts to help ensure visitors find what they need.

The Purple Pumpkin

The demands of crafters change with the seasons. Halloween requires tips on spooky makeup, while Christmas requires designs for festive decorations. The Purple Pumpkin is one of the DIY craft blogs that offers a great selection of festive projects for almost every holiday. You won’t find any tips for Independence Day or Thanksgiving there as the blog is UK-based.

Tip Junkie

The modern world is fast-paced, and even crafters need to get their inspirational fixes fast. Tip Junkie packs in countless tips and quick ideas for elevating everyday objects with creative flourishes. There are also some free printables and patterns, plus activities for kids.

Crafts Unleashed

Often, a craft blog is the brainchild of a single creative, but Crafts Unleashed shows what happens when you bring together a talented team. Drawing on the expertise of several content creators keeps your blog fresh and inventive.

Jenny Batt

Jenny Batt’s blog is the ideal destination for anyone with an eclectic, preppy style. Links to Pinterest and Instagram help to improve engagement across platforms.

Skip To My Lou

The bright and colorful crafting ideas at Skip To My Lou are the perfect way to encourage kids to explore their creative side. There are plenty of downloadable coloring pages and activities, which are a simple solution for keeping children entertained.

Lovely Indeed

Lovely Indeed lives up to its name. It’s a brilliantly bright and fun destination for free spirits, packed with tips and downloads.

Lia Griffith

Looking for an original way to brighten up your home, or even your wedding day? The scalable vector graphic (SVG) files on the Lia Griffith blog make it easy to make your own paper flowers.

Creative Green Living

Creativity often goes hand-in-hand with a “make do and mend” mentality. Creative Green Living focuses on how crafts and DIY make it possible to live healthier, greener lives.

Hello Glow

At Hello Glow, crafting and DIY are just part of a new way of living. The site covers beauty, food, living, and wellness.

Hello Hydrangea

Hello Hydrangea is a weaving-based site that uses a blog, a subscription-based newsletter, and a Facebook group to increase engagement and encourage sales through the online store. The blog has plenty of tips for aspiring weavers.

Earnest Home Co.

Earnest Home Co. positions itself as “the new traditional.” The company blog promotes the idea of resourceful, creative living.


Ever spot something on Main Street and wish you could make it yourself? That’s the founding idea behind I Spy DIY, a site that encourages everyone to be creative.

My Poppet

Crafting with kids is so much fun, but where do you start? My Poppet has plenty of ideas to keep little hands busy, and subscribers get coloring pages direct to their inbox on a regular basis.

Oh Happy Day

A special occasion is a great opportunity for crafters. Oh Happy Day focuses on creative ideas for celebrations.

Studio DIY!

Like Oh Happy Day, Studio DIY! wants to “make life a party.” There’s a strong focus on fun and easy ways to give any celebration extra sparkle, but also plenty of lifestyle features and a subscriber’s newsletter.

Oh Joy!

Fashion, food, films: At Oh Joy! crafting is just the beginning. This blog has countless ways to enrich your life while encouraging sales in the online store.

Mod Podge Rocks

As the name suggests, Mod Podge Rocks is dedicated to a love of the branded decoupage glue and finisher. Visitors subscribing to the website newsletter receive a free eBook as a reward.


MinieCo is a papercrafting site that has become an online influencer, collaborating with brands such as Paperchase. The site incorporates a range of social media platforms to promote engagement.

Making Content Marketing Work with DIY Craft Blogs

If you’re in the business of creative crafts, make content marketing work for you by developing your DIY craft blog. Many business-to-consumer marketers still consider blogs one of the three most effective ways to distribute content: As of December 2017, there were over 4.1 billion Internet users worldwide, of which 77 percent read blogs. That’s a lot of people logging on in search of great content. Hosting your own blog is a great way of keeping your company website fresh and improving your search ratings.