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Even dairy farmers are sharing their lives and expertise on social media. These hard-working, passionate farmers are churning up interest online by sharing an authentic slice of their life on the farm. From the break of dawn to the setting of the sun, they show a unique window into the rural lifestyle and the realities of dairy farming. Here are some dairy farmer influencers creating content on social media.

Dairy farmer influencers sharing their lives

Chloe — chloeandhercows

Chloe brings dairy farming to TikTok, showing her adorable cows and what it takes to run a successful farm. She shows herself feeding and checking on her cows for over 73.7K followers.


Let me know what food to try feeding them next!!

♬ original sound - Chloe 🐮

Andy Silver 

Andy is a seventh-generation dairy farmer taking his 71K TikTok followers along with him as he completes his daily chores and maintains his farm. Whether it’s sharing clips of his farm from his drone or posts about the tractors he uses, Andy keeps his followers educated and engaged.

Renea — reneaaa_123

Renea is a dairy farmer helping her 35.9K followers feel like they too are a part of the farming industry. Her posts are descriptive and highlight her knowledge of raising cattle, running a family farm, being a mom and more.

Mike, Clay, David, and Ken — mccartyfamilyfarms

The McCarty Family Farm is a fourth generation dairy farm in northwestern Kansas. It shares content about its high standards for animal welfare and farming practices. The account has 70.7K followers who see what it takes to produce good milk and beef and the secrets to their ongoing success.


Our girls are Type A and we don’t mind— we tailor our practices to them! 📆📋🐄 #cows #typeA #routine #farmtok #cowtok #beautifulthings

♬ Beautiful Things - Benson Boone

Eric — 10thGenerationDairyman61

Eric runs one of the longest-standing family farms in the country and shares that with his 440K YouTube subscribers. He creates content on the 250 acres he farms and his cows.

Jan Kielstra — SaskDutch Kid

Jan is the face of the SaskDutch Kid channel, which shows life on the Canadian dairy farm. Today he catches the attention of over 202K subscribers as he vlogs his experiences around the farm maintaining the grounds and preparing his cows for production.

Tom Pemberton — Tom Pemberton Farm Life

Tom takes to YouTube to share how fun dairy farming can be with his 574K subscribers. He shares his life on the farm and posts updates.

Megan —  megan_dairygirl

Megan is a sixth-generation Iowa farmer on TikTok shows her followers her farming lifestyle. Whether sharing her daily chores or capturing her adorable baby cows, Megan keeps her 345.9K followers entertained.


Moving heifers to pasture is a sure sign of summer, and I love it! You might see a hot shot in the video, but we rarely use it—it’s mostly just for sorting.

♬ original sound - Megan

Margaret Little — drumdergfarm

Margaret is a nurse turned dairy farmer who now farms a 120-strong dairy herd with her husband and father-in-law. She uses her platform as a journal of her agriculture-related lifestyle in Ireland for over 19.5K followers.

Dan Vanteicher — Iowadairyfarmer

Dan is one of the most followed dairy farmers on social media. He is a fourth-generation farmer teaching his 908.8K followers all about how he “gives cows what cows want.” He often shows his daily chores tending to the cows.


I keep getting asked how we milk our cows. Here's the quickest explanation. Takes probably 5 minutes per cow and we have 190 of them so your arm can get pretty tired of running the milk releasing lever. It's a tough job but someone has to do it

♬ original sound - IowaDairyFarmer

Erica — boldrebalancefarm

Erica is a dairy goat farmer and homesteader who highlights how she produces food and meat on the farm. Erica has over 35.2K followers who see farm life.


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