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These days, consumers gravitate toward online shopping, especially for holiday gifts. Online sales between November and December of 2021 hit $211 billion, which is a 54% increase from 2019. Consumers want to shop online, usually with their favorite mobile device in hand, but traditional modes of advertising get lost in a cluttered market. Influencer marketing is the answer. What kind of influencer campaigns can you try for #CyberMonday? Here are a few Cyber Monday influencer campaign ideas to spark your creativity:

Ask an influencer to share a shop-with-me video

Show shoppers what kind of great deals they can find online for pickup in stores with a “shop with me” video. Connect with an influencer who will take viewers along as they shop online and head to the store to pick up their order. In a similar example, 

Do a multi-day reveal

Work with an influencer to create a multiday #cybermonday campaign. On the first day, the influencer can show a branded shopping bag or advent calendar.

Ask the influencer to “tease” the items in the bag or calendar. They could craft a few sentences that describe how much they love the items inside, but not tell them what they are. 

On each following day, the influencer could reveal all the items in a video, or maybe the influencer shows one item each day.

Create a special bundle of products

Cyber Monday shoppers are looking for a deal, right? So, give them one. Consider bundling a few items together as an incentive to buy. To promote the products, ask an influencer to share an unboxing video of the bundled items, like the video below. The influencer opens the box and talks about each cosmetic item in a 20-minute YouTube video. The influencer should highlight the bundle’s value compared with the price to show how it is a great deal.

You can do this with any product. Instead of promoting individual pieces of clothes, put an entire outfit together and ask an influencer to do an OOTD (outfit of the day) post. Give shoppers the chance to buy the entire outfit easily with a shoppable post

Bundle baking pans with oven mitts, combine car floor mats with a special cleaner or give shoppers the chance to try two pieces of software instead of one. 

Want to add a little intrigue? Send an influencer a “mystery bundle” and ask them to unbox the items and chat about each. This influencer unboxes a $15 mystery box from a cat-centered brand.

Promote your cause

Now more than ever, consumers want a brand that stands for something. Research shows 64% of consumers will choose, switch, avoid, or boycott a brand based on its values

Consumers methodically pick the brands they support. It’s called belief-driven buying. 

Your brand can create an influencer campaign that promotes a product for Cyber Monday, but it can also demonstrate how your brand gives back. 

Take a look at the influencer campaign below by Mommy Adventures. It promotes a vegan protein powder, but if you read the post, the influencer talks about the brand donating 10% of its packaging costs to remove plastic from the ocean.

Your brand could do something similar by mentioning its cause.

Go beyond a social media post

When you hear the phrase “influencer marketing” you probably think of social media campaigns, right? Influencer marketing can take many forms, though. 

An influencer could host an in-store giveaway, participate in a brand’s webinar, lead a branded class for shoppers like “How to Dress for Less,” or craft a blog article on certain products. 

Of course, you can pair all these ideas with social posts, but an influencer campaign isn’t solely an endorsed product photo. 

Natural hair care brand Luseta Beauty, for example, asked influencer Ashley Cummins to write a blog post on a full range of their products and create a social post for a recent campaign. The blog gives shoppers more information than a social post can, making it a great way to educate and entice consumers.  

Tips to help your Cyber Monday campaign succeed

  • Start planning early.
  • Look for an influencer whose audience overlaps with yours. Try an influencer search tool. 
  • The influencer should use branded hashtags and target keywords to make the post more SEO-friendly.
  • Include holiday-specific hashtags, too, like #cybermonday, to increase the post’s searchability.
  • Consider boosting the content with ad dollars. IZEA can help you with that. 
  • Review results and make notes for next year’s campaign.


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