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With platforms such as Instagram and YouTube focusing on visual media, photography influencers have had a chance to flourish in recent years. While many use their position to showcase beautiful photography, others also review equipment and provide advice on what to purchase. When you’re running influencer discovery searches, you need to decide whether you want someone who focuses on the art or the science. Here are some of the best camera review influencers that you should consider following.

1. Onye (@piecesofonye)

Onye is an LA-based photographer who uses social media to share her photography, photography tips and product reviews. She has two Instagram accounts:

  • @piecesofonye: Her main content creator account, with over 11,40 followers. This is where she provides top tips and runs promotions in partnerships with brands such as Ulta Beauty. She draws attention to her work with the custom hashtag, #onyetippedit.
  • @shotbyonye: Her photography account, where she shares her photo shoots. This account doesn’t have many followers, but there’s no denying the quality of the work, which has been featured on MSN and BBC.

In addition to her Instagram presence, Onye runs a YouTube channel where she helps influencers “elevate their content one tip at a time.” The focus is on photography equipment reviews, and advice on social media strategies. The channel has over 10,300 subscribers.

2. PH Daniel Sanchez (@phdanielsanchez)

PH Daniel Sanchez is a “visual arts samurai” and the co-founder of the brand development company Next Level Media. His social media accounts are packed with great tips and product reviews for people who want to improve their photography and film-making skills.

On Instagram, he shares motivational quotes and tips with over 1,600 followers. On YouTube, he posts tutorials, and top tips on everything from lighting to asking the right questions for documentary interviews. Many if his videos cover equipment choices, comparing top brands, discussing options for influencers and finding cost-effective alternatives. He currently has over 1,100 subscribers.

3. Chris Winter (Chris Winter)

Chris Winter built a huge following of more than 410,000 subscribers on YouTube by providing camera reviews, previews and tips. His videos are tightly scripted and to the point, providing essential information for anybody interested in purchasing a new camera. However, in 2020 Chris decided to reevaluate the kind of content he produces and reinvent his channel. While camera reviews and usage still feature in the content schedule, the focus is on creating and monetizing a YouTube channel, and making money online.

4. Caleb Pike (DSLR Video Shooter)

The DSLR Video Shooter YouTube channel provides pro tips, product reviews and tutorials for over 438,000 subscribers. It’s a fantastic resource for filmmakers, photographers or anybody trying to build a reputation as a content creator on YouTube or Instagram.

Part of the success of the DSLR Video Shooter channel is down to the regular content schedule. Caleb produces a new video almost every Tuesday. This ensures subscribers always know when to expect new content, and always have something to look forward to.

5. Dave McKeegan (Dave McKeegan)

Dave McKeegan is a professional photographer and content creator with his own YouTube channel. His deep understanding of photography means he’s well-positioned to compare different cameras and provide advice on what to buy depending on your budget. However, having the best equipment is only half the battle; you need to know how to use it. Fortunately, Dave features plenty of videos that go into the technical aspects of capturing perfect pictures. His content mix of reviews and practical advice has earned him an audience on YouTube in excess of 22,900 people.

6. Too Much Tech (Too Much Tech)

Technology has advanced to such a degree that many photographers are able to take fantastic HD photographs using only a smartphone. In fact, many influencers run their channels by shooting on portable devices. The line between camera and phone has blurred, and as a result, influencer channels that cover all types of tech are incredibly useful. As the name implies, Too Much Tech is a YouTube channel for people faced with the staggering range of purchasing options.

Too Much Tech covers cameras, phones, tablets, computers, sound systems, speakers and more. So, if you want to know the best camera for your skiing trip, or the best computer to edit the footage on afterwards, start here. The channel has over 47,400 subscribers.

7. Arthur R (Arthur R)

Arthur R pitches his YouTube channel as “THE Sony APS-C channel.” That means, if you shoot on Sony equipment, this is your primary resource for great information and reviews. Many of his videos are reviews or product comparisons, but he also creates vlogs and guides to show what’s possible the equipment he recommends. He has over 127,000 subscribers.

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