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Your typical sports and brand mascots are making a name for themselves on TikTok, jumping on the latest trends to attract a big audience. According to Morning Brew, more brands are adding mascots to their TikTok strategy because the fun characters resonate more with TikTok users than typical content. Mascots like Benny the Bull with 5 million followers and Duolingo with 3 million are promoting their brands in a fun yet strategic way to get on the For You Page as much as possible.

10 brand mascots making their way to the top on TikTok


Blue is the Indianapolis Colts’ mascot who loves to cause a little ruckus with his coworkers. With 6.5 million followers, Blue is one of the biggest mascot TikTok accounts. You can see him constantly messing with other mascots and doing experiments with other creators.


my coworkers love me 😏

♬ original sound - Blue

Benny the Bull

Beloved Chicago Bulls’ mascot Benny the Bull has been a star in the Chicagoland area since his debut in 1969, making him one of the first ever mascots. Benny’s fun, sassy and over-the-top personality has quickly catapulted him to success on TikTok, recently reaching 5 million followers. When he’s not insulting other teams you can find him throwing popcorn all over fans and jumping on the latest TikTok trends.


Thanks for celebrating 5 MILLION FOLLOWERS with me @Gordon Ramsay!! Now help me clean this up…

♬ original sound - Benny the Bull


Duolingo is an American language-learning website and app, but its owl mascot, Duo, is one of the first TikTok mascots to take off. This green owl might not be telling you all about Duolingo all day, but he is jumping on trends and has skyrocketed to 3 million followers.

Gritty NHL

The Philadelphia Flyers knew what they were doing when they created a TikTok for their mascot, Gritty. This tall, orange, googly-eyed mascot is quite the dancer and has accumulated over 822,000 followers with his silly antics.

Vineyard Vines Whale

Whale, whale, whale … are you ready for Vineyard Vines’ mascot? Vineyard Vines is a preppy clothing line, but its whale mascot has taken over TikTok with 224,000 followers. This cutie can be seen around the Vineyard offices and even pranking some of the employees.


Whalecome to my house mtvcribs crib vineyardvines whale tour edsftg

♬ original sound - vineyard vines

Brutus Buckeye

Ohio State’s mascot, Brutus Buckeye, is beloved at the stadium and also on TikTok. With 310,000 followers, Brutus likes to hang out on campus and take part in the latest trendy videos.

Viktor the Viking

The Minnesota Vikings NFL team has their own mascot, a purple viking named Viktor. Viktor can be found having fun at games, but now is also playing it up on TikTok with his 211,000 followers. Viktor likes to be silly and has even gotten to play with Blue, another mascot, at the Navarro Cheer gym.


i may have flown a lil too close to the ☀️

♬ original sound - TheNeedleTok

Cosmo the Cougar

The 2020 mascot of the year, Cosmo the Cougar, is the mascot of Brigham Young University (BYU.) With 1.4 million followers on TikTok, Cosmo likes to show off his athletic skills. Cosmo is known for his crazy antics on the field at home and now on TikTok.


BYU basketball + Cosmo = 🔥🔥 #trending #dance @paisleynikelle13 @kaylee_smiler @byuwbb

♬ Rocc Climbing (feat. Lil Yachty) - Remble

Texans Toro

With 745,000 followers, Toro the Bull was Mascot of the Year in 2021 and heads up the Houston Texans’ fan base over on TikTok. You can find him jumping on TikTok trends, showing off his Texas gear or playing tricks on employees at the Texans’ office


All-in-one social media tool Hootsuite has jumped on the brand mascot bandwagon on TikTok with their own Owly. Owly (and Hootsuite) only have about 8500 followers right now and their cute videos aren’t all of Owly, but he sure is getting a lot of attention.

Mascots are a great way to catch the eye of your customer in a funny and unique way without forcing typical marketing strategies onto TikTok. These 10 brand mascots are examples of the strategy done well.


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