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Looking to be inspired by successful lifestyle content creators on social media? From up-and-coming content creators to industry giants in entertainment with millions of followers, these Black lifestyle influencers are entertaining, educating and inspiring others. Follow along as we uncover what makes these powerful voices stand out in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

10 Black lifestyle influencers to follow

Dayna Bolden

As a mom and successful businesswoman, Dayna uses her TikTok to share insights into the lifestyle of a boss. Dayna, an influencer and entrepreneur, has more than 83K followers who tune in for her morning routine, business inspiration, travels and family life.


So grateful I trusted myself. 🙏🏾 5 years ago, I quit my corporate job to build my online personal brand- it was scary, but I can look back and say that was the best decision of my life.

♬ BREAK MY SOUL - Beyoncé

Wesley Taylor

Wesley takes to Instagram to share his life in Chicago. The musician shares his passion for creating his own music and collecting popular records with more than 106K followers. His feed isn’t just full of music but also his stylish home decor, exciting vacations, and photos of his life around the Windy City.

Victoria Ford

Known on Instagram as the “Prepford Wife,” Victoria shares her love for life with more than 43.5K followers. The blogger uses her Instagram to share married life, traveling tips and photos, her favorite interior and exterior designs, and the best eats around her hometown:  Cary, North Carolina.

Monica Awe-Etuk

Monica uses her channel to share lifestyle and fashion content to uplift and inspire more than 43.9K subscribers. She fills her channel with vlogs on unboxing designer bags, the real-life importance of taking social media breaks as a creator, and videos on how to style the most popular spring style trends. Her Instagram also shows her lavish and fun lifestyle, outfits and family life. 

Kelvin Davis

Kelvin is a model and an advocate for body positivity among men. His Instagram inspires more than 129K followers by sharing uplifting dances and photos. The dad of two and a successful author shares his story and life experiences along with motivational posts, stylish outfits, and family life. Check out our Q&A with Kelvin, known as Notoriously Dapper.

Ailsa Emmel

As a United States Marine Corps spouse and Navy veteran, Ailsa shares her positivity and curls with 55.4K followers. Her happiness shines through her uplifting posts as she fills her feed with her insights on women’s health as a certified nurse midwife, her love for seeing the world, fashionable inspiration and family life.

David Pindell

As a professional athlete and star quarterback playing in the X League, David stays busy and fills his Instagram and TikTok with his exciting experiences. The lifestyle and fitness influencer, star athlete, and Marketplace creator shares his practice and workout routines in Japan and entertains more than 205K followers with videos about being an athlete.

Palesa Disenyana

Of South African decent, Palesa takes to Instagram to show her incredible talents for photography as she travels and shares her life with more than 108K followers. The Marketplace creator shows her creative outfits, behind-the-scenes looks at her travels and all the beauty inspiration.

Genika Jo

As a formulator for her clean beauty line, Beauté Nétive, Genika is based in Montreal and shares her life with more than 1,000 followers. The micro-influencer and Marketplace creator uses her platform to help others transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. When she isn’t sharing her healthy tips, she shows her healthy meals and non-toxic products.

Lee Litumbe

Lee is a popular influencer who strives to find adventure and explore the world. The worldwide traveler entertains more than 21.4K on TikTok with vlogs on how to get the most out of your travels. With tips and tricks on where to stay, her favorite photos of her exploring, and hotel room tours, Lee has caught the eyes of many. When she isn’t sharing the exciting lifestyle of a full-time traveler, Lee sells beautiful luxury candles.

Alexis Bennett 

Known for being a successful commerce writer with Vogue magazine, Alexis shares her lifestyle with more than 9K on Instagram. As a writer who never gave up on her dreams, Alexis inspires many and spreads positivity through her posts. The New York-based influencer shows her fashionable outfits, worldwide travels and sneak peeks into her lavish lifestyle as a well-known writer.

Nate White

Famous for being a fashion designer, Nate takes to TikTok to share his fun and busy lifestyle with more than 2.1M followers. The New York-based influencer shares his humor through funny and relatable posts on working out and daily life. From vlogs of him partying with his friends to hilarious experiences and routines, Nate’s feed is bound to bring you a smile.


Bahamas here we come! 😝 ft @mama_lolo_ #funny #comedy

♬ original sound - twinzizactive


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