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Are you looking for the best and brightest Black voices on YouTube? If so, then look no further. This list containing some of the top Black YouTube influencers will provide you with plenty of insights into some amazing talent. From down-to-earth personalities to inspiring creative content, these creators have it all.

Top Black YouTube influencers to watch

Patricia Bright

Patricia starts our list off as one of YouTube’s most popular and successful channels. Since 2009, Patricia has used her platform to share her love for beauty and hair with tutorials to help her viewers feel beautiful. With more than 2.82M subscribers, Patricia fills her channel with all things makeup and often posts videos offering encouraging words and advice.

Alonzo Lerone

Alonzo is easily one of the most famous YouTubers on the platform. For his more than 3.99M subscribers, Alonzo shares some of the most creative and entertaining content. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or simple entertainment, he has you covered. His channel is full of videos that showcase some of the internet’s most epic fails, his personal life experiences and his love for food.

GloZell Lyneette Green

Since 2008 Glozell has been giving more than 4.58M subscribers a good laugh. Popular for her “Is you good? Is you OK?” video introductions and famous for her cinnamon challenge video, this YouTube star has continuously shared hilarious content. From her adventures and challenges to her parody “Keeping up with the Glo-dashians,” GloZell continues to provide exciting content.

Marques Brownlee

Since 2008 Marques has used his platform as an outlet to help people better understand technology. Marques is one of the most famous YouTubers on the platform, with more than 16.6M subscribers. He is most popular for his reviews of technology and new products; however, his channel covers other topics as well. He shares everything from phone comparisons and Apple product reviews to videos that break down technology and explain things more easily. 

Bri Hall

Bri joins our list of the top black YouTubers as a girl of many talents. Bri is a makeup guru, musician and artist. With more than 773K subscribers, Bri uploads many different types of videos. From makeup tutorials and product reviews to music videos and motivational videos, Bri does it all.

Chris Smoove

If you love video games and are an NBA fan, you will love this YouTuber’s account. For his more than 5.1M subscribers, Chris uploads content that shares his experiences in the video game NBA 2K23 and many other sports games. In addition to his video game uploads, Chris shares videos on the real-life NBA seasons and other online games.

Alissa Ashley

Since 2014 Alissa has been providing the beauty community with exciting videos that stand out from other makeup tutorials. With more than 2.04M subscribers, Alissa uses her platform to show off her talent for makeup. In addition to her beauty videos, Alissa posts wellness videos and even videos of celebrity encounters. Her videos give a fresh take on makeup tutorials and keep her subscribers entertained.

Matt Smith — DangMattSmith

Matt joins our list as one of YouTube’s most popular and hilarious Black male influencers. His channel is full of a variety of content. His channel features comedy, scary videos, conspiracy, skits and gameplay. With more than 13.9M subscribers, Matt never fails to entertain.

Jennelle Eliana

With more than 2.44M subscribers, Jennelle takes to YouTube to share her life experiences. She fills her YouTube channel with everything from her first time cooking, what living in a van was like, and her first experience buying a home.

Stephan Speaks

Stephan is a popular YouTuber that speaks about relationships. With a following of more than 1.21M subscribers, Stephan uses his platform as a guide and enlightens his viewers on all aspects of relationships. He makes videos full of advice for both men and women, tips on how to attract a spouse and how to get over a breakup.

Jasmine Brown

Jasmine is a popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle Youtuber with more than 2.34M subscribers.  Her channel features videos of her favorite trendy looks, advice on styling Black hair and some insight into her daily life. She advocates for all things trendy and beautiful and always uploads fresh content.

Kevin — Fit Men Cook

Kevin joins our list as an advocate for healthy living and entertaining foodie. Kevin is your guy if you’re looking for quick and delicious recipes to help you on your health journey. Kevin fills his channel with easy-to-make recipes, how to get started on healthy eating, what he eats in a day and common table talk. In addition to his successful YouTube platform, Kevin runs a website with recipes and health tips to try at home.


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