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With the world’s honeybees on a terrible decline, more people have stepped up to help save the bees in their own way. Beekeeping is a way that bee lovers can help preserve the bee population. So what is beekeeping? It’s simple! It’s a way to maintain bee colonies in man-made hives.

As more people want to learn about beekeeping and bee facts in general, beekeeper influencers have taken to social media to share their beehives, bee tips and even bee-made products.

10 beekeeper influencers creating a buzz around bees on social media

Erika Thompson

Erika is a self-made TikTok bee queen sharing her love for saving the bees with her more than 11 million followers. Erika is a professional beekeeper in Texas and all of her content is about saving bees and teaching her followers about their importance. She even has full-length bee removal videos on her YouTube channel.

Hilary Kearney

Hilary has 12 years of experience with beekeeping and shares her experience on Instagram. She’s the author of “Queenspotting,” a book all about the importance of the queen bee. Hilary’s content is about bee education and safe rescue, which she does in San Diego.

Mr. and Mrs. Bee Rescue

The creators behind Mr. and Mrs. Bee Rescue are two beekeepers with 17 years of experience in the beekeeping world. They show live bee rescues and make lots of bee-related puns with their content. Seeing a swarm of thousands of bees may be scary for most of us, but these experts believe in humane bee removal and saving.

Hannah’s Honeycomb

Hannah is a bee and plant lover who also happens to be sharing her beekeeping adventures on Instagram. Her love for the hive is obvious in her photography work and the insect facts that she loves to share with her followers. Hannah believes in the importance of protecting all pollinators and even has ways people can work with her on eco-education.

Bowser Bee

Bowser is a honey enthusiast and beekeeper on TikTok sharing his love for bees, keeping them safe and sharing honey facts with the world. Bowser’s TikTok has grown to over 556K followers who keep coming back for more honey and bee content. He’s even created a bee hotel.

Williams Honey Farm

If you’re looking to learn more about honey and beekeeping, then the Williams Honey Farm Instagram account can help. These Tennessee bee lovers have in-person and online bee schools for up-and-coming bee enthusiasts. They share tons of in-depth information on beekeeping and creating honey!

Emma – The TikTok Beekeeper

Emma is the ethical beekeeper behind Bee Haven Beekeepers and has since grown her brand to sell honey and beeswax skincare products. Her 65K followers on TikTok learn about her bee-made products and how she ethically creates products from her hives.

Sasha – Mercia Honey

The creator behind Mercia Honey, Sasha shares funny and factual videos about the behind-the-scenes of being a beekeeper. Sasha and her family are ethical beekeepers who help others out there get pure, raw and natural honey from their English country bees.


If youre a good beekeeper doing this doesnt impact the bees at all 💗 #femalebeekeeper #bees #beekeeper

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Funsize Beekeeper

If you’re looking to learn from a more novice-level beekeeper, the creator behind Funsize Beekeeper on TikTok has only been in the beekeeping world for about two years. Her tips are very helpful, especially to those who aren’t experts in the beekeeping space quite yet.

Jordy’s Bees

Jordy is new to the beekeeping influencer space, but her content is too good not to share! This Georgia beekeeper is new to the space but shares lots of tips that are helpful for other novice beekeepers. Her videos are informative, helpful and a great way to learn more about the bees.

Whether you’re a brand looking to work with a beekeeper or someone interested in learning more about bees, make sure to check out one of these 10 beekeeper influencers above. 


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