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From seasoned professionals to passionate enthusiasts, these badminton influencers serve up aces on and off the court. Whether you’re looking for expert tips, gear recommendations or just some motivational content to get you pumped up, these players have got you covered with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and experience.

Top Badminton Infuencers on Social Media

Viktor Axelsen

Viktor is an accomplished professional badminton player with 961K Instagram followers and 51.7K TikTok followers. Among his numerous accolades are two-time World Champion medalist titles, a gold medal victory at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the ranking as the current world number one in men’s singles. On social media, he shares everything from his rigorous training regime to engaging gameday recaps, offering a glimpse into his athletic journey.

Chirag Shetty 

Chirag is a professional badminton player, Olympian and self-proclaimed “Modern Day Nomad.” His feed is a vibrant showcase of his journey, featuring snapshots from prestigious award ceremonies such as the Times of India Sports Awards, dynamic action shots alongside his doubles teammate Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, and glimpses of his appearances on magazine covers, including Forbes India. He has a dedicated audience of 156K Instagram followers.

Anders Antonsen

Anders started his badminton career at the age of six and is currently ranked third in men’s singles. He has a well-rounded social media presence with 282K Instagram followers and 101K YouTube subscribers, offering fans an immersive experience into his world. From captivating vlogs chronicling his tournaments and training sessions across the globe to strategic partnerships with renowned brands like Clutch and VICTOR, Anders’ humbly displays his success both on and off the court.

Soh Wooi Yik

Soh’s badminton legacy runs deep, stemming from a family line of professional players, including his father and uncle. Today, he stands as one of Malaysia’s top badminton athletes. With behind the scene glimpses of tournaments, collaboration with brands like HLA and insight into his personal life, he has built a community of 352K Instagram followers.

Beiwen Zhang 

Beiwen is not only a professional badminton player but also the visionary founder of Pioneer Badminton, a gym dedicated to training and classes in the sport. Her dedication to the game is shown through numerous photos of her participation in championship games, gym sessions and triumphant podium moments. Beyond the court, Beiwen offers a deeply personal glimpse into her journey of resilience, sharing her recovery process from a serious achilles injury.  With 46.6K Instagram followers, she inspires her audience with her passion and perseverance.

Annie Xu 

Annie, a key member of the USA national badminton team, shares the court alongside her twin sister Kerry, forming a doubles duo. As a team they compete in prestigious international events such as the Pan Am Championships and the BWF International games. Annie’s social media chronicles her globe-trotting adventures as she travels across the world to represent her country on the badminton stage. She has a growing audience of 2.2K Instagram followers.

Allison Quynh Lee

Jessica is a student athlete and badminton player with a following of 3.6K on Instagram. Her journey in badminton started at a young age and has grown into an impressive career marked by participation in tournaments all around the world. Some of her accolades include winning a national title and a second place medal at the 2023 World Junior Championships.

Kerry Xu 

Kerry competes in doubles badminton tournaments with her twin sister Annie, representing the USA all around the world. Her content includes glimpses into her international travels, in-game action shots and family photos featuring her twin sister. She has 2.2K Instagram followers.

Tony Gunawan

Tony is a former professional badminton player turned coach. Some of his accomplishments include an Olympic gold medal and two world championship titles, solidifying his legacy in the sport. On his Instagram page, Tony offers a glimpse into his coaching journey, sharing engaging snapshots alongside his badminton students and documenting his presence at various tournaments and games. With a dedicated following of 12.1K Instagram followers, Tony continues to inspire and influence the next generation of badminton players with his expertise and passion for the game. 

Vinson Chiu 

Vinson is a young professional badminton player with a stacked resume. He is a four-time US National Champion and has won eight Badminton World Federation titles. His social media is fully dedicated to badminton, with posts of in-game shots, podium moments and his appearance at the Olympics. Vinson has a growing community of 4.6K Instagram followers.

Saina Nehwal 

With 2.2M Instagram followers, Saina is one of the most popular badminton players of all time.  As the former number one player, she holds credit for elevating the sport’s popularity to new heights in India. Beyond her playing career, Saina’s social media provides a window into her life post-badminton, showcasing her presence on magazine covers, participation as a panelist at prestigious events and dedicated efforts to expand opportunities for the growing interest in badminton.

Srikanth Kidambi

Srikanth is a highly decorated professional badminton player with 177K Instagram followersHis love for the sport radiates through his content, which includes video clips of his intense matches, cheerful poses alongside his teammate and engaging vlogs showcasing his global travels for tournaments.

PV Sindhu

PV is one of India’s most decorated badminton players. She’s won multiple medals at the Olympics and at the Badminton World Federation tournaments. She has a global audience of 3.7M Instagram followers that tune in for her training techniques, gameday results and insights into her personal life, such as her interest in horses.


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