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With so much tech available on Amazon, from laptops and smartphones to chargers and automated vacuums, it’s hard to know what’s actually helpful in your daily life. Enter Amazon tech influencers. Our list of Amazon tech influencers features creators who show off all the latest gadgets and products to try. (Pro tip: Check out our tips for tech companies to succeed in influencer marketing.) 

Amazon tech influencers with the latest gadgets

Rachel Meaders  

Rachel, who is based in Dallas is one of the biggest Amazon tech influencers, with 2.2 million TikTok followers. She shares her favorite Black Friday steals, like a tablet, electric ice machine, and a travel gadget that she swears by.  

Katrina — katrinaforeal

Chicago-based Katrina tops the Amazon influencer list when it comes to finding the coolest tech tools and gadgets. As a mid-tier influencer on TikTok, she shares finds like a handy shower phone case holder and cushioned headphones that keep your makeup perfectly in place during a workout.   

@katrinaforeal Replying to @jaylomere3 why settle ?! find these under date 2/4 on mystorefront #amazontechaccessories #appleairpodsmax🎧 #amazontechgadget ♬ original sound - kardashianshulu

Teresa Caruso 

Teresa is a highly organized individual. She’s also one of the best known Amazon tech influencers on TikTok, where she treats her 3.5M followers to travel gadgets that keep your car organized and her go-to gadget for reading her favorite books online

@teresalauracaruso #ad The new @amazon Kindle Scribe is incredible! Not only can you use it to read your favorite books, but you're now able to write directly on the screen too! Perfect for taking notes while reading, making to-do lists and getting organized for the new year. Plus, I love how the pen that's included doesn't require batteries or charging. #kindlescribe #amazonfinds ♬ original sound - Teresa Caruso

Lucy Massad

Lucy loves sharing her favorite Amazon finds with her followers. On Tiktok, she’s a mid-tier influencer who shares gadgets like a digital cocktail mixing device and a smart switch button pusher that makes daily life a little easier.  

Kaeli Mae 

If you’re looking for the best Amazon influencers, Kaeli is a must-have on your list. As a TikTok influencer with 13.4M followers, she shares the gadgets she uses for a tidy home office refresh and a cool digital bread maker with her followers. 

Heart Defensor   

Heart is a fan of trying out all sorts of treasures, especially those with a hint of nostalgia. If you’re looking to find Amazon influencers who love unboxing the latest and greatest gadgets, Heart can help. For her 4.1M TikTok followers, she shares the latest digital camera model and innovative earbud cleaning tool

@heartdefensor finally no more wasting film 😩🫶🏻 fujifilm instax mini evo from amazon 📸 link in my bio #tiktokmademebuyit #tiktokmademedoit #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves ♬ Stay Out Of It - Michigander

Arin Solange  

As a busy wife and mom, Arin likes keeping her household clean and organized. For her 372.4K TikTok followers, she shares the gadgets that help her do just that, like a do-it-all steam cleaner and a family charging station that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.   

@arinsolange This has been the most requested item from you all so I am thrilled to have finally found a pretty and functional charging station! #amazonfinds #amazonhome #founditonamazon #amazonfinds2023 #fyp ♬ original sound - Arin Solange

Margaret and Stetson  

This mother-daughter duo tries out tons of Amazon gadgets to find the best tools for home organization and cleaning. On TikTok, where they’re better known as everythingenvy, they share fascinating finds like a rechargeable, portable wall light and office gadgets that make organizing your desk a breeze. 

Christina Haltner   

Christina is one of the best Amazon influencers in Canada. On TikTok, where she’s better known as chaltner, she shares picks like an electric hand warmer that doubles as a phone charger and a slim, portable travel mirror with several settings.    

Kelsey Venkov 

Kelsey is always on the hunt for tech-savvy tools that make life easier. For her 3M TikTok followers, Kelsey shares a three-in-one wireless charger that charges your devices quickly and a stylish, customized phone case.   

Sam Shan  

The only thing Canadian-American Sam loves more than discovering cool new Amazon products is scoring a great deal. On TikTok, where her followers know her as sam.shan.shops, she is a mid-tier influencer who shares a multifunctional digital toaster and a wireless bluetooth printer that works without ink.   

Marissa Leigh   

Marissa is a lifestyle influencer who’s all about her dog and unboxing her latest Amazon finds. For her TikTok followers, who know her as marileighjo, she shares her new tripod and a chic textured phone case.  

@marileighjo Idk how I’ve existed without this tripod my whole creator career. #asmrunboxingvideo ♬ what happened in 2022 - Hendrix Beckitt


Kerchinar enjoys sharing all the good things in life with her followers. As a mid-tier TikTok influencer, she shares techie treasures like a portable charger that works at lightning speed and a GPS locator that has multiple uses.    

Justice Shepard  

Justice is an influencer who dishes on his favorite Amazon must-haves by doing helpful, honest product reviews. For his 243.3K TikTok followers, Justice reviews gadgets like a mesh Wi-Fi system perfect for home or office use and kitchen tech tools like an automatic stirrer with three spinning modes that makes cooking much easier.   

Julianna Christensen  

Julianna is one of the best Amazon tech influencers who enjoys romanticizing every day moments in her life. On TikTok, where her 1.8M followers know her as julianna_claire, she shares tech tools like the world’s smallest wireless printer and a magnetic portable charger that can charge up to six devices at once. 

Jared Andersen — stuffyouactuallyneed

Jared’s mission is to round up the best, most practical items Amazon has to offer. His 1.2M TikTok followers see gadgets like a three-in-one charger that features a nightlight and a bluetooth speaker, as well as an outlet shelf that helps you conserve valuable counter space while keeping your cords nice and tidy. 


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