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The IZEA Way is powered by people. From connecting brands and influential content creators to curating an online marketplace for shareable stories, IZEAns know every single day brings something new. As an IZEAn, you’ll have the ability to use the latest tools and technology in the industry while working in a creative and collaborative environment — meaning no boring routines here! So we thought we’d give all potential IZEAns out there an idea of what the day-to-day looks like, for an account director. Spoiler alert? It’s anything but ordinary.

Moreover, we asked our Eastern Regional Account Directors Chelsea Frost, Rebecca Pourghafari, and Pod-Leader Kristen Smith to weigh in on a day in their life at IZEA.

Day-to-day responsibilities

  • Include, working independently and with other team members to generate leads/new client accounts through research, leveraging networking platforms.
  • An account director leads a team to provide quality client services
  • Identify, research, connect, and engage with potential clients
  • Create proposals and write project briefs to pitch to clients
  • Communication with various points of contact from prospective clients on all levels and businesses of all sizes
  • Collaborate with the Campaign Management team on campaign execution

Kristen Says, Being a self-starter is a must, with the ability to be flexible and think strategically in an ever-changing space.” 

Rebecca says, “Thinking ahead and bringing creative ideas to your clients can help grow the relationship with the client and your business.”

Chelsea says, “Everything you do is about some form of building and growing relationships with clients. This could be in its earliest form with outreach or you could be pitching a new social platform functionality to a client who you’ve developed a relationship with and who comes to you to consult on social tactics and big ideas.”  

Skills Needed

  • Specifically, have the ability to plan and strategize at upper-management level
  • Capacity to work well in a team setting, collaboration, etc.
  • Notably, excellent written and verbal communication skills are always needed. 
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing industry landscape  
  • Familiarity with a variety of different sales strategies as well as the ability to create your own
  • Natural competitiveness and passion for winning
  • Prior agency experience preferred but not required

Kristen Says, “Being a self-starter is a must, with the ability to be flexible and think strategically in an ever-changing space.

Rebecca says, “Being a creative problem solver is key to your success as an Account Director. You are challenged to find new ways to solve unique issues on an almost daily basis.”  

Chelsea says, “You’ll need drive. It can sometimes take 5 no’s before you get to a yes. Don’t give up.”

Growth Potential

  • Including, opportunity to grow in and with the company
  • Develop base understanding of the roles of various key departments particularly ,  within a company and how they are interconnected
  • Gain experience in an emerging digital marketing industry
  • Broaden professional sales experience both as an individual and as a team

Kristen Says, “ IZEA truly values the talent they have. I have witnessed many employees, including myself, awarded new roles and growth opportunities as the company continues to evolve.”

Rebecca says, “It really can be whatever you want to make it. If you want to grow within your department or move to a new department completely, IZEA gives you the chance to explore and learn to develop yourself.”

Chelsea says, “As an AD you will have the opportunity to speak with clients in a variety of roles both at the brand side and the agency. IZEA is the expert in influencer and custom content and when you are building relationships across an organization you learn what that means for individuals and their roles and how it contributes to the bigger picture.”

Is the ‘account director’ job right for you?

To do this role you need to:

  • Being an account director requires you to be creative about developing leads. Additionally, developing relationships with potential clients
  • Lead  as well as, motivate your peers and clients
  • Be resilient and adaptable in a fast pace environment
  • Have confidence in your business decisions
  • For instance, be driven and a self-starter
  • Have knowledge and passion about the industry, moreover, your role within it
  • Communicate effectively and attentively amongst peers, leaders, and clients

Tips for landing the job

  • For one thing, seek out opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge, especially in sales or digital marketing
  • Particularly, reach out to potential employers and experts in the field to build relationships
  • Have prior experience interning at companies in a sales or marketing role
  • “Previous agency experience is a plus but not required.” Kristen Says, “

Rebecca says, “Be yourself. Show IZEA what makes YOU unique and how those skills have helped you in past roles.”

Chelsea says, Show your passion and confidence. It is an ever-evolving space so you have to want to learn. That same nature of the space will also mean educating some clients. Passion and confidence will give you the ability for both.”