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Content marketing is an ever-evolving opportunity for marketers to reach new customers and gather data on their unique audience. But with the constant changes in the digital world, content creation needs to progress at an almost alarming rate.

Keeping up with the trends in the content marketing world is a full-time gig, but marketers can weather the storm by looking ahead. Create a strategy to cater to the coming 2016 year, and you’ll be set right out of the gate.

So what’s on the content strategy horizon? Here at ZenContent, we came up with a few predictions.


What to Focus on in 2016

Video Blogging

Video Blogging is going to be big in 2016. Last year, Hubspot reported that video engagement on Facebook increases 3.6x every year. This is only proving to be more widespread, with platforms like SnapChat and Instagram taking over. 

User-Generated Content

Customers like to feel connected to the brands they use, and marketers can use that to their advantage. eCommerce companies are using user-generated content (like reviews, pictures, and videos) to improve loyalty and trustworthiness among their audience.

Social Media

Stay up-to-date on the newest platforms and active on the ones that continue to create traction for your business. Tailor your message on each platform to give a unique experience to your social users.

Planning Techniques

Customer Engagement Mapping

Map out your content strategy by focusing on the customer journey. Create content for each part of that process that is valuable and useful to your buyer. Listen to the needs of your customer and you’ll be sure to delight them down the line.

Content Distribution Investment

Deciding how to divvy up the content budget can be tough, but by outlining your content goals for 2016 you can get a good grasp on the best places to spend. If you’re looking for more brand awareness, try paid advertising to a demographic group on Facebook. Or, if you’re looking to define yourself as an expert, consider influencer marketing.

Measure Your Success

Website Traffic

Look to your web traffic to tell you about what content is working, and what isn’t. This can tell you the 5 W’s of any piece of content, as well as give you insight into your content strategy for the future.


Ask your most recent clients or customers to describe their journey to your brand. Did they find you on social media? Through googling pain points? Where could your content be improved in their journey? By asking these questions, you address what might be losing you customers along the line and will translate to more sales.


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