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5 Ways You Know You’re An IZEA Intern

By September 2, 2016January 20th, 2021Resources
  1. Your friends are jealous of where you work because of course you’ve showed them pictures of this colorful masterpiece of an office. It looks like unicorns and hashtags had a baby that is this office space.
  2. You’re excited to come to work every morning because each day brings something different. There is never a dull moment as an IZEAn!
  3. You work next to every food place known to man, so you know you’ll never run out of lunch options.
  4. You find your way through the office using the colors of the walls.
  5. You never know what will happen next, whether it’s banana suits running around the office or dog’s taking over for the day.

Being an IZEA intern is a once in a lifetime experience. The amount of knowledge and hands on experience each intern receives is something you don’t find everywhere. Plus, who wouldn’t want to work in a place as cool and colorful as IZEA?

5 Ways You Know You’re An IZEAn Intern

5 Ways You Know You’re An IZEAn Intern2