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IZEA is committed to ensuring our users are equipped with the best products and the most seamless solutions for their influencer needs. This month, we’ve implemented new features that will help new users navigate Shake, added a new Shake marketplace filter, and released case insensitive hashtags and mentions on Unity Suite.


New Shake Homepage

Sometimes it can be tough to adapt to a new platform without the right guidance. On our self-service Shake platform, we wanted to take all the questions out of getting started with our new Homepage. The new Shake Homepage guides users on how to get started on Shake. For Sellers, you can view three simple steps to get you started selling your creative services. For Buyers, you can see how to get custom content delivered to you seamlessly in the Shake platform. Check out the Homepage to learn more!

Filter by Follower Count

We recognize that in the business of influencer marketing, a Creator’s following means a lot. On Shake, we’ve introduced a new feature to sort influencer marketing Shake listings by the Creator’s followers. On each relevant listing*, you’ll see a social badge with the associated platform and follower count. You’re able to search the Marketplace by your desired range of followers to get a better understanding of the Creator you may work with. 


*Follower count is shown on all listings that have an associated social media platform with publicly visible followers. Blogs do not currently show a follower count.


Case Insensitive Hashtags and Mentions

As a Marketer, we want to make sure the content is posted as you’ve specified and soon as possible. As a Creator, we want to ensure that you’re paid on time for the work you’ve done. Marketers can now check a box to indicate whether or not the required hashtags and mentions are case sensitive, and if not, the Creator’s content can be verified without matching case sensitivity. This allows for easier content verification for Creators and ensures all posts match the specifications of the Marketers.