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The ability to reuse beautiful, custom Influencer content is a key component of IZEA’s software. Last month, we’ve added enhancements to our Content Mine feature to make it easier for Marketers and Collaborators to organize and access their content. Additionally, we’ve simplified our Metrics Export to streamline campaign reporting. 


Ability for Collaborators to Create Groups in Content Mine

In the Content Mine library, all previously submitted content is available to view and download for future use. To improve accessibility, Collaborators can now create Groups in Content Mine to organize their assets and make it easier to find specific pieces of content. Collaborators are now able to create new Groups, add any assets, and delete groups as necessary. 

Content Mine Sorting 

In addition to creating groups, we’ve added new functionality to sort Content Mine assets to make it easier to find the asset you’re looking for. Marketers can now sort Content Mine assets in grid view as well as table view by date created, offer title, Creator, engagements, price and file size.

Metrics Export Improvements 

Reporting campaign metrics is a key aspect of any successful influencer marketing campaign. To simplify reporting, we refined our campaign metrics report to separate each tab by platform, so Marketers can easily understand performance across each individual platform. 

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