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IZEA strives to offer flexible, effective solutions for the influencer marketing needs of our clients. This month, we’ve implemented several important changes aimed at facilitating flexible solutions for our users across Shake and Unity Suite, including contract updates and Social Audio support on Shake and streamlined project creation and campaign image improvements on Unity Suite.


Delivery Date Contract Updates

We understand that sometimes deadlines and delivery dates cannot be met due to a variety of circumstances, including delayed product delivery from Shake Buyers. We’ve released an option for $0 Delivery Date Contract Updates within the Shake Order chat so that Shake Buyers and Sellers can update their contract at any time at no additional charge to the Buyer if something is preventing them from delivering their content on time.

Social Audio Category

IZEA is so excited to officially announce Social Audio support on Shake! Shake’s new Social Audio category includes support for Clubhouse and Twitter’s Spaces. Shake Sellers are now able to create Shake listings for their various Clubhouse offerings, such as sponsored rooms.


Streamlined Project Creation

Influencer marketing is constantly evolving and so are your campaigns! In our ongoing efforts to streamline Project Creation, we’ve added two new updates to our Unity Workflow. These new capabilities for Marketers include:

  1. Streamlined Project Creation: As a Marketer, you’re able to fully customize all Deliverables at the start of your project’s Creation.

  2. Unrestricted Publishing Dependencies: We’ve also introduced the ability to leave all Units independent of each other, or add dependencies to Units directly, such as requiring one post to be published first by the Creator.

Campaign and Project Image Improvements

In an effort to constantly improve our product for users, image requirements have been adjusted to a minimum of 500×500 pixels. This will offer more flexibility when creating campaigns and projects within Unity Suite. We’ve also added gradients to project banners on the Creator side.