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At IZEA, our Engineering team is always pushing updates for our customers. Today, IZEAx v2.27.0 is live for everyone! Here’s what is new!

Sponsored Content Disclosure Updates

IZEA prides itself on being compliant with FTC and ASC regulations. In fact, IZEA recently keynoted the ASC’s Annual Meeting.

In reaction to several recent statements made by these entities, we are making some adjustments to the way IZEAx handles “clear and conspicuous” disclosure.

These changes make the process easier than ever for Creators too. Disclosure suggestions now update as content is typed or pasted into IZEAx, and if pasted content is already properly disclosed, IZEAx will detect and accept it!

Finally, we also took care of a few pesky bugs in this release. We hope you notice!

To learn more about automating Disclosure for your Influencer Marketing Campaigns, request an Influencer Marketing Software Demo!


Stay tuned for future updates, and as always, Champion The Creators!