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In December’s IZEAx Product Update, the team enhanced the Collaboration Suite platform with a heavily requested feature: Draft Review.

This tool offers plenty of options that allow Marketers, Collaborators, and Creators opportunities to streamline their experience within the platform

Gated Access Control and Reviewer Structure

This new feature lets Marketers grant levels of access to Collaborators, making it easier to exclusively grant access to Draft Review, when necessary. And speaking of review, we’ve also implemented a new Reviewer Structure that allows for suggested (not enforced!) deadlines. Marketers and Collaborators are also able to view previous versions, download drafts, and see an audit of who has viewed, approved, and commented.

Edit Campaign Access IZEAx
Content Review

Improved Collaboration Flow and Draft Review Table

We’ve upgraded the collaboration flow for revisions. Having the ability to see what’s coming will keep you on top of what you’re doing and what needs to be done next. Once you are reviewing a draft, you can upload revision suggestions, comment, and provide approvals. You can also track the progress of a draft through the revision and approval process.

For Collaborators, we have implemented a new Draft Review Table that replaces the previous left-side list of Units. We’ve also provided a new sub-navigation for Marketers and Collaborators that details units, creators, draft due dates, publish dates, statuses of draft reviews, and approvers.


Draft Review Table
IZEAx Product Update December 2021

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Read more about how to review content on the Marketers – Collaboration Suite: Reviewing Content page.