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This month, IZEA focused on building additional functionalities into our platforms to make it easier to interact and transact. On our IZEAx Unity Suite platform, we’ve made it easier to review content from Creators. On BrandGraph, we’ve improved our checkout functionality, including additional support for Mobile Wallets, and a Preview Page to get an idea of how you can use BrandGraph for your brand. 


Draft Review and Marketer Unit Details Redesign

Marketers will be able to navigate from their Campaign to a new Draft Review table. Upon clicking one of the items, the Marketer will see some changes on the Unit Details page. We have changed the way we show versions as well as added a right side navigation for Approving the draft and Requesting Revisions.


Checkout Enhancements

BrandGraph is now integrated with Stripe for a seamless checkout experience. This new checkout experience also includes full support for Apple Pay, making it easier for our customers to checkout by eliminating the need for manual card entry or shipping details.

Preview Page

We’re confident that our BrandGraph technology will help customers better understand their brand mentions across social media. To prove it, we’ve added our BrandGraph Preview Page which allows potential customers to get a free preview of BrandGraph for their specific brand. This preview includes an engagement overview, themes related to your brand, organic influencer posts about your brand, and more. Preview your brand here.

BrandGraph Invoices

BrandGraph also provides the simplest way for customers to manage their BrandGraph subscription with our new release of BrandGraph invoices. This feature is a secure customer portal that lets customers view and manage their billing and subscription details, including viewing subscriptions, invoice histories, updating subscriptions, cancelling subscriptions, updating payment methods, updating billing information and more.


Affiliate Program

Love what you’re seeing at IZEA? Join our affiliate program and get paid to talk about IZEA’s products! View more details about the program and sign up here.

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