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IZEA Flex Launches AI Briefs and Brainstorms

May was an exciting month for our team. We added powerful new AI tools in IZEA Flex, our next-gen influencer marketing platform. AI Briefs and Brainstorms are two brand-new features that make influencer campaign planning more seamless and efficient. This IZEA product update also shares several other upgrades to The Creator Marketplace that we believe will benefit both our clients and our creators.


AI Briefs and Brainstorms join AI Storyboards in Flex. With AI Briefs, creating a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign brief is just a click away. Simply input your requirements and details, and the system generates a brief with elements such as:

  • Campaign title
  • Campaign brief
  • Objectives
  • Target audience
  • Key messages
  • Influencer criteria
  • Campaign deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Budget

AI Brainstorm takes things a step further by using AI technology to generate creative campaign concepts, including images for visual inspiration. 

The Creator Marketplace

Our Marketplace team worked to make communications between brands and creators more effective by adding daily and weekly digest emails to keep influencers and marketers up to speed on pitch requests and prospects. 

Another significant site upgrade is enhanced marketplace filtering. The search filters include demographics, connection details, and location based on the radius of a selected city. 

Creator Marketplace Search filters

These improvements aim to streamline the campaign discovery process while also arming you with the right data to make informed decisions.