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We Launched New FormAI Features in August

We are excited to announce the latest product updates for our Marketplace and IZEA Flex platforms. 

IZEA Marketplace’s FormAI

We introduced Noxra, which brings enhanced capabilities to generate more realistic AI images and provides additional flexibility for users. With this update, Noxra offers two times the resolution, producing even higher-quality AI-generated images. 

Plus, managing custom prompts has never been easier with our new Custom Prompts feature. Our robust AI preset functionality allows users to effortlessly organize and access their preferred prompts, streamlining the creative process. Whether you’re an experienced user or just starting, this feature empowers you to efficiently manage and optimize your AI-generated content creation. We also added support for multiple aspect ratios, allowing users to choose the dimensions that best suit their needs.

To enhance privacy, we now allow users the option to keep their AI content private or share it with the world. This ensures that sensitive or exclusive AI-generated images can be safeguarded and shared selectively while allowing users to showcase their creativity and talent.

FormAI Ai-generated images of a gamer live streaming on Twitch


Our Flex team has been heads down, working on upcoming features and making improvements. 

To further streamline the process of bringing campaigns to life, we added the ability to easily download an AI Brief as a PDF. AI Briefs are comprehensive campaign briefs generated with just a single click. These briefs can be easily converted into a Flex Campaign. Users can now easily share AI Briefs with colleagues and partners or store and reference them for future use. 

At IZEA, we continuously strive to enhance our products and provide our users with innovative tools to unleash their creativity and meet their unique requirements.