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Orlando, Fla. (July 10, 2024)IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of technology, data, and services for the Creator Economy, is excited to announce the addition of new user-generated content (UGC) features to its flagship platform, IZEA Flex. As more brands turn to UGC to enhance their social feeds, websites, marketing efforts, and product listings, IZEA is making it easier than ever to contract, manage, and collect this valuable content.

IZEA Flex now includes tools specifically designed to streamline high-volume payments and manage large amounts of video content, addressing the growing needs of brands leveraging UGC for their marketing strategies.

Key Features of the New UGC Tools in IZEA Flex:

  • Streamlined Contracting: Simplified processes for contracting creators to produce UGC, making it easier for brands to scale their content efforts.
  • Efficient Management: Enhanced capabilities for managing and tagging large volumes of UGC, ensuring that brands can handle the influx of content smoothly and efficiently.
  • Advanced Content Collection Tools: New features for collecting and organizing UGC, providing brands with a seamless way to gather content from various sources.
  • High-Volume Payment Processing: Streamlined actions for high-volume payments, ensuring creators are compensated promptly and accurately.
  • Rights Clearance: Easily gather organic UGC from customers and clear usage rights in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Video Content Management: Specialized features for managing large amounts of video content, catering to the increasing demand for video-based UGC.

“We’ve developed these enhancements around the real-world applications we are seeing today,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “We manage campaigns delivering thousands of pieces of UGC for a single customer in a week. That volume requires specialized tools to make every step of the process easier. We are now making those tools available to end customers through Flex.”

New users can try IZEA Flex with a 10-day free trial. To get started, visit

About IZEA Worldwide, Inc.

IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (“IZEA”) is a marketing technology company providing software and professional services that enable brands to collaborate and transact with the full spectrum of today’s top social influencers and content creators. The company serves as a champion for the growing Creator Economy, enabling individuals to monetize their content, creativity, and influence. IZEA launched the industry’s first-ever influencer marketing platform in 2006 and has since facilitated nearly 4 million transactions between online buyers and sellers. Leading brands and agencies partner with IZEA to increase digital engagement, diversify brand voice, scale content production, and drive a measurable return on investment.