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Written by: Alexis Andreasik – Head of Strategy at IZEA

Marketers will contend with fractured attention spans in 2024. While consumers watch historic sporting events, election information will be a consistent drumbeat, making it harder for brands to get noticed. Even without the Olympics and presidential election cycle, marketers have expressed concerns about rising ad costs and lower ROI in 2024. As a result, marketers are looking to diversify their efforts and find effective ways to connect with customers. Enter the creator economy.

Our recent report, Beyond the Games and Political Campaigns, shares our insight on that exact question. We believe brands that embrace influencer marketing will be able to cut through clutter and connect with consumers in an authentic, affordable way. 

By working with an influencer, who could be a social media personality, an industry expert, a customer, or an employee, you can promote your brand through word-of-mouth that customers connect with. 

Use these tips to win with the Creator Economy this year:

Invoke strong feelings

Marketers have always sought to evoke an emotional connection with customers. By doing so, brands make a deeper connection, which increases the likelihood of customer action. Apply this concept to your influencer marketing campaigns.

Inspire action

Every influencer campaign is meant to inspire action, whether it asks customers to sign up for a free demo or make a purchase. As you plan your campaign, think of ways to nudge customers to act. Yes, you need a strong call to action, but what else can you do to earn conversions?

Education users

Influencers provide a unique opportunity to teach your target audience about your brand. A lesson from an influencer feels like learning from a friend.

A software company could tap an influencer to show subscribers how to use certain features, for example, or a makeup brand could ask creators to show followers how to apply a certain product or achieve a certain look. 

Create a community

As you consider your influencer campaign, try to build a sense of belonging. While every brand wants to attract customers, the approach has changed. Brands are transitioning from “customers” to “community members.” 

What’s the difference? With customers, brands focus on making a sale, with community members, brands focus on education, entertainment, and, yes, sales too, but it’s not the main focus. 

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Alexis Andreasik, IZEA Head of Strategy

About the Author: Alexis Andreasik

With a wealth of experience from prestigious agencies and renowned brands, Alexis Andreasik leads IZEA’s strategy team with a visionary approach. Her deep understanding of client needs drives innovative strategies that deliver tangible value, ensuring IZEA remains a trailblazer in the dynamic influencer marketing landscape.

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