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Written by: Alexis Andreasik, Head of Strategy, and Jaime Krzos, Senior Strategist

Influencer marketing has exploded in popularity, especially among consumers under 45 who consider influencer posts the top way to discover new products. Recently, there’s been a notable shift in how agencies operate — from mere intermediaries between brands and creators to becoming integral marketing partners.

Previously, agencies thrived by simply connecting brands with creators. Now, brands demand more. They seek all-encompassing services that cover the breadth of influencer marketing, including user-generated content (UGC), content production, live events, business consulting, AI influencers, digital asset management, paid media optimization and more.

The impact of a holistic approach

This holistic approach has revolutionized influencer marketing, benefitting both agencies and brands in significant ways.

Firstly, it simplifies the entire process. Brands no longer juggle multiple partners; everything they need is consolidated under one roof. This results in strategies and activations that are streamlined, cohesive, and highly effective.

What’s truly transformative is how this approach integrates influencer marketing into broader brand strategies. It’s about more than standalone campaigns — it’s about offering creative strategies that align seamlessly with overall brand objectives, ensuring influencer efforts directly contribute to brand success.

Moreover, there are substantial financial advantages for brands. By centralizing strategy, production, and optimized paid media, brands maximize their ROI and receive unparalleled value.

In essence, this shift toward holistic partnerships isn’t just adaptive; it’s shaping the future of influencer marketing. It underscores that agencies capable of offering comprehensive services are poised to lead this dynamic and competitive industry.

Jaime Krzos

About the Author: Jaime Krzos

As a Senior Strategist, Jaime uses her extensive background in the influencer marketing space to craft effective strategies for leading brands that achieve measurable success. With a keen eye on industry trends, a pulse on pop culture and a passion for creative storytelling, she stays at the forefront of the creator economy, consistently delivering innovative and impactful strategies.

Alexis Andreasik, IZEA Head of Strategy

About the Author: Alexis Andreasik

With a wealth of experience from prestigious agencies and renowned brands, Alexis Andreasik leads IZEA’s strategy team with a visionary approach. Her deep understanding of client needs drives innovative strategies that deliver tangible value, ensuring IZEA remains a trailblazer in the dynamic influencer marketing landscape.

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