Instagram has a lot of conversations going on between users. Conversations that are usually happening in the comment section of a post. Tagging another user brings someone else into the conversation. Now, there is another way to interact with each other: Instagram reels remix.

This is where you can record an Instagram reel while interacting with another user’s created content. The remix feature is a whole new way to find community and interact with other content creators.

Instagram reels remix can help your Instagram account grow with new interactions, extending your reach. Keep reading to find out why you should use this feature and how to add it to your Instagram conversations.

woman taking selfie for instagram reels remix

Why You Should Use Instagram Reels Remix

Social media can feel like a one-man show when you are coming up with new content on your own. Getting other users involved changes the pace of the usual content, creating a fun experience for both the creator and the audience.

Collaborate With Others

Remixing another user’s content is a way to bounce ideas off of each other. You may even call out a specific influencer and ask them to remix your reel. When you create a remix with someone, you are opening up your audience to that person as well. Collaborating with other content creators shows your followers something brand new.

Grow Your Reach

When you create a reel, you can ask your audience to remix it. This presents a new way to interact with your followers, and ask for engagement. When someone creates a remix, the original reel will be on the left and the new reel on the right. Your username will be in the bottom left corner of the new remix. This way any followers the user who remixed your reel has will be exposed to you as well.

Capture Your Reaction When Responding

Some people use reel remix to show their expression side by side with the reel they are watching. For example, if someone’s original reel is a prank, reacting to that prank is fun. Many Instagram users will repost other creators’ content if they want to share it with their followers. Reacting with a reels remix is another way to do this but with a personal touch.

Remix Your Own Reel

You can also remix your own reel. Any reel you have already posted you might want to revisit later with a reaction or new response. Click the three-dot menu on your own reel and select Remix This Reel. If you had a reel that was very popular, your followers might like to see it come back again in the form of new content with a reel remix.

Have Fun With Other User’s Content

Many people create a remix to sing, dance or act alongside another user’s song, dance or acting. This turns that one-man show into a show with multiple personalities. Being able to sing with someone else who is on the other side of the country and post it on Instagram is an innovative way to use this video editing tool.

Many users create a reel and leave space for someone to remix and fill it in. For example, they may create a one-way conversation with moments of silence where they ask people to remix it by filling in the other side of the conversation.

Instagram Reels Algorithm

Instagram users can find reels at multiple places on the platform. There is a new reels tab on the home navigation screen, the explore page and the reels tab on a user’s profile. The reels tab is not only reels from accounts you follow but also popular accounts on Instagram.

Instagram’s algorithm is always changing, but when a reel is popular, duets on that reel may get more hits. The explore page reels are based on content that a user likes and brands they follow. Associating with popular content that other people like could make it more likely that you will appear on users’ explore pages. All the more reason to make connections with more creators by creating reels remixes.

How to Create an Instagram Reels Remix

Remix reels are very similar to the duet feature on TikTok. So if you are familiar with TikTok, this will come pretty naturally. On TikTok, you create a video alongside another creator’s content.

On both TikTok and Instagram, you have the option to disable other users from remixing your reel in settings. Just go to your Instagram settings, select Privacy, and then Reels. You will then see the option to enable remix or disable. This feature is enabled by default for newly uploaded reels.

As long as the creator left the reel open to remixes, you can create your own reel remix by following these steps:

1. Find a reel you want to use for the remix, and click on the three-dot menu to select Remix This Reel.

instagram reels remix

2. The screen will split with the original reel on one side and space for the new reel you’re about to create on the other side.

instagram reels remix

You can also upload a video you have already created instead of directly recording a remix. If you have a video that is very similar to someone else’s for example, you might want to post it side by side with theirs. You can then add a voiceover once the reel is created.

3. Start recording your reel.

4. You can then change the speed of the original reel or your own video. This is where you can also add a voiceover to your finished reel.

5. Post your remix.

The original creator of the reel you remixed will get a notification that tells them you have remixed their reel.

Instagram reels remix starts a conversation with someone, except with the visual of video, it adds a whole new element to social media. It makes the social media conversation even more personal and similar to real life when you are doing something with another person.

Brands can use top content creators to create remixes that put you in the same conversation as that person. Brands and influencers can pick who they are going to collaborate with strategically. You are looking for an audience that would be interested in your content, so other creators and brands with similar content may have an audience who will be interested.

Brands want their followers to create content with their products. It’s common to ask customers to tag them in posts using their products. Encouraging users to get a conversation going about you does incredible things for your reach.

Instagram reels remix makes starting that conversation fun for the followers. If you can make interacting with your brand fun, it’s more likely you will get that engagement.