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Instagram highlights are a feature that lets you save your Instagram stories to your profile. Highlights are located on your profile underneath your bio in the new highlights section. They are permanently visible, unlike Instagram stories, which can only be seen for 24 hours. You can create a separate highlight for different categories to organize your stories and create a better user experience.

Instagram highlights can be used to give the audience a preview of your brand as they are found in the center of your Instagram profile and are easy to view at any time. These highlights can be old or new stories and can be modified to fit your brand. They help users find information about your brand without having to scroll through all of your feed.

instagram highlights

Highlights can include frequently asked questions, favorite products, tutorials and more. They let you curate the content based on what you want the audience to see and help to drive traffic, increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Make a good first impression with your audience by having an organized profile with key highlights. Create Instagram highlights covers to create consistency with your brand’s look by uploading a cover picture from your gallery. Title each highlight appropriately and make sure the cover is descriptive and represents what it contains.

How to Make an Instagram Highlight

To create an Instagram highlight, go to your profile and select the circle with the plus sign on the highlights section that says “New.”

instagram highlights

Now, select the stories you want to add to that highlight from your stories archive. They can be photos or videos. Tap “Next”.

You will now be able to title your highlight and choose a cover image.

Select “Edit Cover” to upload your cover image. You can make your icon bigger or smaller and drag it to your desired placement and click “Done.”

How to Use Instagram Highlights as a Branding Tool

Instagram Highlights can be used as a branding tool by creating a different highlight for different aspects of your brand. Some examples include an about section, frequently asked questions and new products. Focus your highlight on a specific topic to make it easier for the audience to find what they’re looking for. Depending on your brand, you can categorize your highlights in different ways to fit your needs.

Product collections

With your brand’s goals in mind, think about what highlights would go along with them. If you want to increase sales or drive traffic to your website, you can create a collection or a clothing line highlight to showcase your newest products with the swipe-up feature so your viewers can go directly to a product’s page.

instagram highlights


Create tutorials or how-to’s to teach your viewers about your products or services and how they can benefit them. This can also go for tips and tricks where you can showcase multiple ways your products can be used.

instagram highlights

User-generated content

You can also create a highlight to share your customers’ posts, which will make them feel valued and seen. You can create a special hashtag to share with them to easily find their posts and share them to your highlight. Another way to showcase your customers on your account is to create a customer reviews highlight. This helps new customers see what others think of your brand and improves the chance of them purchasing your products.

instagram highlights


Highlight your events to keep your followers up to date with what your brand is doing. If you’re having a product launch event, show behind-the-scenes content and how the event came to be. If you’re having a pop-up event, create a highlight with important information like the date, time and address to make it easy to find for the users.

instagram highlights

There are many other ways to use the Instagram highlights feature as a branding tool. Some best practices to keep in mind include making sure your cover and title match the content of the highlight, creating highlights for your other social media to link other accounts and giving a preview to your other content. Keep your highlights updated to ensure your followers see the right information. If a product is discontinued, take it off the highlight to avoid any confusion.

Instagram highlights help create a good first impression by giving the audience key information about your brand all in one place. Because of their location, your audience sees this content first when they go to your profile. This lets you give them easy to find content that can direct them to more valuable content across your feed or site. Be creative with your content to engage users and help them discover your brand in an effective way.