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About Lisa

Lisa Longley is a self-taught cook, blogger and Milwaukee-based mom, who loves to experiment in the kitchen and share her love of food. Her philosophy is “Cooking can be a simple way that you can express your love for those most important to you . . . a simple joy.”

Lisa is represented by IZEA’s Talent Partner, DASH Brand Management.

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How did you start?

I started as a crafting blogger! It was a great way for me to do something just for me with little kids at home. It evolved into such a passionate business.

Where do you find inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration is other parents with little kids. I want to make their lives as easy as possible when it comes to putting delicious dinners on the table.

What do you post about?

I post recipes geared towards busy families, lots of easy dinner ideas, fun desserts, and great snacks.

What does your audience relate most to?

My most popular recipes are easy dinners.

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What has been your favorite experience as an Influencer:

It’s a tie! I love the amazing friendships that have sprung from this work. People who are just so near and dear to my heart and who are incredibly supportive. And showing my kids all that is possible when you work really hard at your dreams.

What 3 things does anyone starting as an Influencer need to know?

#1 Just keep going. There will be a million times you want to give up, but keep going anyway. It is worth it.

#2 No one is perfect. It’s easy to think everyone else is doing this perfectly, but they are just better at not letting people see where they have made the wrong move.

#3 Be yourself. Your audience will know if you are faking it, and they will love you so much more when you are being real.

What is the best thing about being an influencer?

My parents always told me “Find a job that you can’t believe you get paid to do.” And that is being an influencer to me. It feels like hitting the jackpot.

What’s the largest challenge you face as an influencer? How do you overcome it?

Being a perfectionist. I’m my own worst critic and nothing ever seems to be good enough. I am working on being as kind to myself as I am to my friends.

Tell us about your proudest moment as an influencer?

When my husband was able to leave a job he hated because my income was more than enough to support our family.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

I would have had more confidence and really thought of this as a business from the get-go.

What factors do you take into account for what you charge with a post?

I think about my following or the value that the brand is going to get from it, and the time it will take to create the content.

What is the best practice for Brands looking to work with Influencers?

I would love for more brands to see the long game value in working with influencers. I have a sponsored post that was paid for years ago and still is one of my very top posts. It gets tons of new eyes on it every week, and that sponsored content is in there waiting to be read.

How do you choose which campaigns you will and will not participate in?

If it is something that I don’t think will resonate with my readers or provide any value to them.

What do you do to encourage authentic engagements on your sponsored posts?

The post has to have something that will provide value to readers, such as a recipe. If they get something out of it they will naturally share it, pin it, and come back to it.

Where do you see the future of influencer marketing?

I think it will lean more and more towards video content and social posts.