The last Apple event, in early Sept, brought announcements of software updates, new iPads, and a new Apple Watch. However, what people really wanted to see was a new iPhone. So, you can imagine how the internet exploded when Apple finally announced the iPhone 12. On Oct 13, 2020, Apple hosted its second virtual special event of the year. Where Apple’s CEO Tim Cook shared the tech specs and features for the latest iPhone and announced a HomePod mini. BrandGraph, IZEA’s social intelligence platform, recorded a spike in social media content and engagement for Apple as tech lovers express enthusiasm over Apple’s newest additions.

Also trending this week on BrandGraph were brands like Sony Pictures and the Tennessee Titans. BrandGraph tracks and records the performance of these brands across social media platforms. See what got these brands trending by taking a closer look at the Top Trending Brands for this week:

Trending Brands for the Week of October 12, 2020

  1. Apple (@apple)
  2. Monster Hunter (@monsterhuntergame)
  3. Sony Pictures (@sonypictures)
  4. Tennesse Titans (@titans)
  5. Los Angeles Dodgers (@dodgers)

Just a month ago, Apple was trending on BrandGraph after they dropped new iPads and a new Apple Watch. Now, the tech giant is trending again as people prepare to purchase the newest iPhone. The iPhone 12 comes in a few variations including Pro Max, Pro, and Mini. It will feature a Super Retina display screen, 5G super fast downloads, and an A14 Bionic chip (the fastest in a smartphone). Apple also revealed a new HomePod mini which will be available in mid-Nov. The HomePod mini is definitely going to give Amazon’s Echo/Alexa and Google Home a run for their money.

Apple BrandGraph Trend Chart

Top Content for Apple

The official trailer for the movie adaption of fantasy video game franchise Monster Hunter premiered on Oct 14, 2020. Monster Hunter is a fantasy role-playing game where players hunt, slay and trap monsters across different landscapes. Longtime fans of the series are sharing their excitement for the movie’s release across social media. Monster Hunter stars Milla Jovovich, who also plays the lead in the film the adaptations of Resident Evil. Like many other films, the release of this one was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Monster Hunter is officially set to release in theaters on Dec 30, 2020.

Monster Hunter BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for Monster Hunter

Sony Pictures is trending on BrandGraph and social media as rumors continue to circulate around the latest installment of Spider-Man. The MCU’s untitled Spider-Man sequel that stars Tom Holland is getting some serious attention after casting Jamie Foxx as Electro. Foxx originally appeared as the electrifying villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) which starred Andrew Garfield. Now, comic fans can’t help but speculate a major Spider-Verse cross-over is in the works. Memes and conspiracy theories are all over social media suggesting that Tobey Maguire and Garfield will reprise their Peter Park roles in the 2021 movie. However, a Sony representative has stated that these casting rumors are not confirmed.

Sony Pictures BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for Sony Pictures

The Tennessee Titans are trending on BrandGraph after crushing the Buffalo Bills with a score of 16-42. This was the Titans’ first game back after taking a hiatus due to COVID-19 concerns. Football fans are super impressed with how well the Titans played this game. More specifically, fans are impressed with running back Derrick Henry’s performance. A clip of the game is going viral of Henry practically tossing Bills’ cornerback Josh Norman aside by pushing him away with just one hand.

Tennesse Titans BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for The Tennesse Titans

The Los Angeles Dodgers are trending on social media after advancing to the World Series. On Oct 18, 2020, the Dodgers defeated the Atlanta Braves in Game 7 of the NLCS. It was a close match-up but the Dodgers ultimately came out on top and broke records while doing it. They now hold the title of the most runs (11) scored in a single inning of a postseason game. Based on their performance this season, fans are optimistic that the Dodgers will secure their sixth World Series Title after 32 years.

Los Angeles Dodgers BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for The Los Angeles Dodgers

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