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This month, the IZEA team introduced a few nifty new updates to address our Marketer needs.  There’s a little something for Workflow, Discovery, and BrandGraph Marketers that are just waiting for you to try them out!


Custom Unit Names

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the moving parts of a Campaign, especially for larger Projects with several Units.  Now you can customize Units at the Project level or for individual Creators, allowing you to add descriptive names to help you better manage all of the work being done across your Campaigns.

Higher IZEAx Discovery Limits

Discover more for your buck!  All IZEAx Discovery subscribers can now enjoy unlimited keyword Unity searches and 15 List exports per month, in addition to the current unlimited VizSearch searches.  Take advantage of our comprehensive set of Discovery tools to explore millions of Creators and pieces of content!  To learn more about IZEAx Discovery, please visit

BrandGraph Pulse with Microsoft Teams Integration

Our new Pulse feature is now available on Microsoft Teams!  Subscribe to BrandGraph generated updates for social activity about any of your brands.  Activity digests will be automatically sent to any Teams group or channel that you designate on a regular cadence of your choice.  For more information about BrandGraph, please visit