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TikTok offers an opportunity for businesses to expand their brand awareness. This is especially true if that brand wants to reach younger audiences, like members of Gen Z. TikTok is a lively platform filled with memes, music and celebrities. So, to make their message stand out, marketers will need to partner with savvy influencers. The following TikTok personalities have proven that they know how to find success on the video-sharing platform by offering entertaining and insightful content.

10 TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following

  1. Charli D’Amelio
  2. Dr. Kim Chronister
  3. Steve Austin
  4. Kristie Ahn
  5. Ben Johnson
  6. Loren Gray
  7. Zach King
  8. Danielle Jones
  9. Jenny Martinez
  10. Jalaiah Harmon

As of May 2020, Charli D’Amelio is one of the most followed individuals on TikTok, and The New York Times has referred to her as “the reigning queen of TikTok.” The key to her success has been her ability to create hits that capitalize on pop culture trends, her vocal talent and her dance moves. A trained dancer, D’Amelio has even caught the attention of celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres. D’Amelio also holds the distinction of being the first TikToker to star in a Super Bowl ad.

Charli D'Amelio TikTok Profile

Some influencers use TikTok as a way to inform audiences, rather than simply entertain them. Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Kim Chronister uses the platform to offer advice on mental health and dating. Some of the topics she covers include “Why People Lie” and “7 Powerful Ways to Rebuild Trust.” Outside of her TikTok fame, Chronister is the author of several books, including “FitMentality,” “Peak Mindset” and “Breakup Recovery.”

Dr Kim Chronister TikTok Profile

Steve Austin may be retired, but he’s finding fame on TikTok. Under the nickname “Old Man Steve,” Austin uses his TikTok account to share videos in which he makes all sorts of sandwiches and other simple recipes. In each video, he dons colorful hats, and his cat, Buttons, occasionally makes a cameo appearance. According to Austin, the secret to success is simply to be yourself.

Old Man Steve TikTok Profile

TikTok draws in talented individuals from every corner of society, even pro sports. Tennis star Kristie Ahn uses the platform to share all kinds of silly content. Some of her creations involve tennis-related humor, like the video in which she demonstrates what it’s like to play tennis on a blindingly sunny day. Other videos are more informative like a step-by-step matcha latte recipe.

Kristie Ahn TikTok Profile

Ben Johnson, the Sneaker Mechanic, is one of many TikTokers who use the platform to show off their do-it-yourself (DIY) skills. Johnson has been passionate about stylish footwear since he was young, and now he makes his shoes stand out by customizing them with leather paint. This artist’s shoe designs incorporate everything from anime characters to animals to basketball legend Kobe Bryant. His fans can search for his painting tutorials online or try their luck at requesting a custom design from the artist himself.

sneaker mechanic tiktok profile

Singer Loren Gray is a TikTok star who is signed to music industry giants Virgin Records and Capitol Records. Some of her musical hits include “Queen,” “My Story” and “Kick You Out.” She also appeared in a video for Taylor Swift’s “The Man.” Before rising to stardom on TikTok, Gray was popular on the app and went by the name Loren Beech.

Loren Gray TikTok Profile

Zach King rose to fame on Vine, where he shared short videos of performing magic tricks. Clever editing techniques seemingly allowed him to teleport, defy gravity and even shrink and grab the Eiffel Tower. After Vine shut down, King moved to different platforms, including TikTok. This social media magician also appeared on a season of the television show “The Amazing Race.”

Zach King TikTok Profile

Gynecologist Danielle Jones goes by Mama Doctor Jones on TikTok. Jones is a mother of four, but she finds time to educate her followers on women’s health issues. In some cases, this involves debunking common health myths. Not all of her content is entirely serious. In fact, she’s the self-proclaimed “CEO of Science & Sarcasm.”

Mama Doctor Jones TikTok Profile

Content creators like Jenny Martinez make it easy to find recipe ideas and a little guidance in the kitchen. Her TikTok account offers instructional content on everything from pineapple water to stuffed hamburgers and lasagna. Her most popular creations involve Mexican cuisine like shrimp tacos and ground beef taquitos.

Jenny Martinez TikTok Profile

Jalaiah Harmon created the viral Renegade dance in 2019 and uploaded the video to Instagram. The dance went viral on TikTok, and everyone from Lizzo to Kourtney Kardashian got in on the craze. The original choreographer was largely uncredited at the time, but media outlets such as the New York Times and Teen Vogue have since recognized Harmon. Now on TikTok, Harmon has millions of followers and continues showing off creative choreography. This content creator’s success isn’t limited to TikTok, however. She collaborated with Warner Brothers Pictures in 2020.

Jalaiah Harmon TikTok Profile

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