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This month, IZEA Marketers got a few shiny new enhancements to their experience, but it’s the Creators’ turn to receive some major love with new Profile settings and streamlined Blog connections!

Covid-19 Impact

As some states ease up on COVID-19 restrictions this month, IZEA released a new report on Consumer Intent with respect to reopening businesses. To read more, visit our COVID-19 resource center at


Manual Verification Notifications

We’ve added a small but impactful alert to the Manual Verification tab that lets you see, at a glance, if you have any tasks that need your attention. This alert can be seen from anywhere in your Project.

Project Attachments Flexibility

We know that getting the right documents to Creators is key, so we’ve added some improvements to Project Attachments to make this  process smoother. You can now:

  • Add multiple attachments to a single Project
  • Delete attachments for any Project that does not yet have any accepted Offers

Promoted Posts Additional Activation Options

You can now request promotion access directly from the Project Outline tab, as well as from the Show Details view within the Campaign Completed tab.


Improved Creator Profile Settings

Our new styling is now part of Creators’ Profile settings, along with some new Family options!

Shiny New Look and Feel
Just like with Account and User settings, Creators can now update their Profile information with our clean, new interface, with the same extra help available with a simple click of the “Learn More” button.

Add Children by Birth Year
Instead of adding kids to your family by age range and having to remember to update their info over time, now you can include them individually by birth year and the platform will automatically update their age ranges as they grow.

Streamlined Blog Connections

As part of an initiative to simplify Blog connections and analytics, Creators will be able to add new Blog connections using their Google Analytics account.

Connect your Blogs with Google Analytics
No more fussing around with verifying your website with a clunky token-based process!  Simply use your Google Analytics account to connect and verify your blog.

Deprecation of WordPress and Tumblr Connections
As we move towards streamlining Blog connections, Creators will no longer be able to add new WordPress or Tumblr sites.  If you already have one connected, don’t worry, existing connections are still valid for now, but we encourage you to re-add them as Blogs!