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This month, the team at IZEA continued to add improvements to Promoted Posts and our Creator experience.  Most notable, though, is our new support for Twitch livestreams in Unity Workflow!  Check out more details below:

Covid-19 Impact

IZEA continues to provide updated industry insights on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we just released a new study on the Stay-At-Home Impact on Consumer Purchasing Trends.  To download that report or view our other studies, please visit our COVID-19 resource center at


Twitch Activations (Beta)

We’ve added support for the popular live streaming site to our Unity Workflow!  Recently, viewership for livestreams has doubled, and now you can tap into that demand with new Twitch Projects.

Twitch Workflow
Our core Workflow features are supported, so you can:

  • Discover Twitch Creators in Unity Search
  • Create standalone Twitch Projects or combine with other types of sponsored content as part of a larger campaign
  • Send Creators Direct Offers or invite them to Bid on open Opportunities
  • Adapt to dynamic requirements and unique Creator needs with Pre-Invite and Post-Offer Flexibility

For more information, and to participate in our Twitch Activations Beta, please visit

New Promoted Posts Graphs and Upgraded Visibility

Our Promoted Posts users continue to get some love!  We’ve added better visualizations and surfaced more promotion related details and actions.

Improved Sparkline Graphs

  • Switch between different key metrics, including Impressions, Clicks, Spend, Reach, Engagements, and CPE.
  • Focus on the dynamic range during which your campaign is active and most impactful.

More Activation Options and Details

  • Now request promotion access directly from the Completed Tab in Unity Workflow.
  • See details right away about why a unit might not be promotable.


Improved Creator Account and User Settings

We’ve brought our fresh new look to Creators’ Account and User settings!  This is part of our initiative to create a cohesive and easy-to-use Creator experience.

Fresh, Intuitive Experience
Update your Contact, Finance, and Account information in a clean new interface. Have questions?  Click wherever it says “Learn More” for additional instructions, tips, and context.

New Email Notification Settings
Manage your email preferences with more control with our new email notification settings, so you can disable the communications you don’t need, while ensuring you don’t miss out on the important ones.