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Whether you are a book seller or publisher you’ll find the following list of book influencers and blogs handy for your next influencer marketing campaign.

18 best book influencers and blogs to read in 2020

Book Influencers and Blogs

  1. Crime by the Book
  2. Lottelikesbooks
  3. The Book Smugglers
  4. Book Girl Magic
  5. Electric Literature
  6. Createexploreread
  7. The Reader and the Chef
  8. Pagetravels
  9. Book Riot
  10. Fieldguided
  11. Inkandfable
  12. Folded Pages Distillery
  13. Sarah’s Bookshelves
  14. Createexploreread
  15. Well-Read Black Girl
  16. Book Bento Box
  17. Amy’s Bookshelf
  18. Lit Hub

The name of this blog might spoil the mystery. Crime by the Book is a literature that “investigates” detective novels and psychological thrillers. The blog’s founder, Abby, runs an Instagram account with more than 75K followers.

abby crime by the book

Lotte is a lit and publishing student who has no shortage of book recommendations. She’s a Berlin-native and her Instagram account, @lottelikesbooks, has more than 72K followers.

Ana Grilo and Thea James founded the Book Smugglers blog in 2008. The blog offers reviews of speculative and genre fiction, and it has an active Twitter account with more than 23K followers.

Renée Amanda founded Book Girl Magic, an Instagram account with a focus on black women and literature. The account @book_girl_magic has more than 15K followers, and the photo collection includes book suggestions and inspiring literature-related quotes.

Electric Literature is a nonprofit publisher that’s been around since 2009, when it started as a quarterly journal. The publisher’s blog offers up content such as book suggestions and reviews and fun, thoughtful pieces such as “9 Books That Shoulder Be Adapted as Video Games.”

Emilie Haney of E.A.H. Creative uses the Instagram account @createexploreread to engage with more than 16K followers. Many of her posts offer book recommendations, but the account also has writing tips and micro book reviews.


Melissa and Isabel are the sisters behind the book blog The Reader and the Chef. The blog offers book reviews while the Instagram shows off the covers with a warm, comforting aesthetic.


Jordan Hickey uses her Instagram account, @pagetravels, to bring YA literature together with a pink, cozy aesthetic. She has more than 22K followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel with more than 1K subscribers.


Book Riot is a site that caters to a diverse audience. It offers articles and podcast episodes that explore books of varying genres, so there’s something for everyone.


Anabela Piersol is a Toronto-based book designer and typesetter. Her Instagram account, @fieldguided, has more than 18K followers, and she uses it share book recommendations and glimpses into her family life.

Patience E. Randle uses her Instagram account @inkandfable to share her latest literary adventures with more than 24K followers. It’s a stylish account with a bright and clean aesthetic.


Hikari Loftus is an avid reader who is quick to share her latest book with an audience of more than 122K followers on Instagram. Sometimes she even distills the content, so her followers can determine whether it’s the right book for them.

Sarah’s Bookshelves is a blog and podcast that offers its audience reading recommendations and interviews with authors. The site’s goal is to help readers find books that suit their tastes and interests.

Glory Edim is the influencer behind the Instagram account @wellreadblackgirl, which has more than 287K followers. The account supports minority and women writers and offers plenty of reading recommendations.

Read It Forward runs the Instagram account called @bookbento. The account’s more than 59K followers can check in regularly for book suggestions. But here’s the catch: items related to the book’s content surround each cover, similar to a bento box arrangement. It’s a very stylized account with plenty of recommendations.

Book Bento Box

Photographer Elizabeth Sagan uses her Instagram account, @elizabeth_sagan, to show off her visual art masterpieces. While some artists rely on paint or clay, Sagan uses books to create wing, capes and fantasy creatures.

Elizabeth Sagan

English lit graduate Amy Buckle offers book reviews and author interviews on her blog, Amy’s Bookshelf. She also has a large Instagram audience of 21K followers, and a Twitter audience of around 1.5K followers.

Amys Bookshelf

Lit Hub aims to bring together literature-related content from all corners of the Internet. The site has everything from information on literary criticism to reading lists, and it partners with journals, bookstores and non-profits of any size.

Lit Hub

Have a business that caters to book lovers? You can increase your brand awareness by collaborating with literature bloggers and influencers who already have online audiences. Although we’ve shared 18 accounts in this article, there are plenty more to discover. Search for a social media influencer who shares your brand’s values, voice and passion for written words.