Art therapy allows people to explore their emotions and vulnerabilities as they express themselves through art. It’s a psychologically healing practice that can help people of all ages cope with mental hardship. For example, art therapy is a great way to relieve stress, and it can be useful in managing symptoms of depression. You don’t need to be Picasso or Vincent van Gogh to enjoy art therapy. But you do need to be ready to engage in creative activities.

The following art therapy accounts on social media can give you insight into how this process works. You can even find some inspiration as you begin your own journey into this therapeutic practice.


Youhjung runs the YouTube channel called Thirsty for Art. Every week, this influencer uploads content related to art therapy. Some of her most popular videos include titles like “Art for Anxiety” and “Day in the Life of an Art Therapist.” Her channel has more than 12.1K subscribers and has been active since 2018.

Youhjung doesn’t limit herself to YouTube though. Her Instagram account, @thirstyforartofficial, has an audience of more than 5K followers. She uses the image-sharing account to offer glimpses of her personal life, quotes and links to her other content. The account has a minimalistic style that’s calming just to look at.

For more content from Youhjung, you can tune into the Thirsty for Art podcast. As of January 2020, the podcast has 26 episodes that offer advice and guided exercises and dispel myths about art therapy.

Ashlee Bennett

Ashlee Bennett is an art therapist who focuses on issues such as body image, recovery and pleasure. She runs a blog called The Body Image Therapist. As a millennial, she has concerns about how diet fads, television and social media influence body image. She explores her concerns more in-depth in blog posts like What Is Internalized Weight Stigma? and How to Deal with Diet Culture at Holiday Gatherings.

You can also find Bennett on Instagram, where she uses the account @bodyimage_therapist. The account, which has more than 78K followers, is home to a collection of inspirational quotes about self-compassion and positivity. Bennett also uses the account to share information on upcoming workshops and online courses.

Ella Raphaëlle Dufrene

Ella Raphaëlle Dufrene is a visual artist and art therapist based in Miami. She has a passion for eco-art therapy techniques and puts her knowledge of therapy to use at a hospice and in a private practice. Dufrene also founded Madre Tierra, a Costa Rican retreat that focuses on the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga and the creative arts.

On Instagram, Dufrene shares workshop information, artwork and personal photos under the account She has more than 1.6K followers. Madre Tierra Retreats has a separate account, @creative.arts.retreats, with more than 2K followers.

Michelle Pazicni

Michelle Pazicni is a registered art therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor. For most of her career, she worked in the field of community mental health counseling, but she’s also been involved with art therapy workshops. This Ohio-based influencer is also fascinated with metaphysics and the use of energy-based techniques to treat trauma.

Pazicni uses her Instagram account, @visions.arttherapy, to share spiritual and art-related content. She has more than 1.9K followers. You can also find her on Pinterest, under the name @mpazicni. She uses the account to share collections of quotes, images and infographics that relate to topics like chakras, counseling theories and, of course, art therapy.

Gretchen Miller

Gretchen Miller is an art therapist with an extensive academic background, having served as adjunct faculty at Ursuline College, among other positions. She’s especially curious about the ways in which social media and computer technology can overlap with art therapy. Her passion for that area led her to found the Art Therapy Alliance, an online network that promotes art therapy. Miller also authored “The Art Therapist’s Guide to Social Media,” a book that explores theories and practices related to social media’s influence on the art therapy community.

To keep up with Miller, follow her Twitter account, @gretchen_miller. She has more than 2K followers and frequently posts articles about psychology, therapy and creativity. The Art Therapy Alliance also has an active Twitter account, @arttxalliance. It has more than 10.5K followers, and every day the account promotes an article that its followers might find interesting.

Have a brand that focuses on art therapy or mental health in general? Art therapy accounts and influencers like the ones above can help you promote your services to a wider audience. Influencers appear on every social media platform, so look for a partner who already has a following on your preferred platform. As you search for influencers, you should also consider factors like their voice and credentials. A social media star who combines professionalism with creativity can really help your business stand out.