No matter where you are in life, there’s always room for improvement. It’s called being human. On the road to realizing your potential, it’s easy to get waylaid. However, occasionally, another person can guide you in the right direction. Search online and you’ll find plenty of experts waiting to help. Look at the best personal development bloggers on the Internet right now.

Leo Babauta, Blog: Zenhabits

With a tagline like “Smile, breathe and go slowly,” it’s easy to see how Leo Babauta’s blog, Zenhabits, has attracted worldwide readership. With a focus on minimalism and mindfulness, Leo offers wisdom and advice on everything from creating good habits and living with purpose to being grounded in a fast-paced world. Click on his site, and you will find a simple list of articles laid out plainly in black and white. With a variety of interesting titles, there’s sure to be one that will draw you in.

Mark Manson, Blog: Mark Manson

If you’re looking for “life advice that doesn’t suck,” you’ll appreciate blogger and bestselling author, Mark Manson. His “anti-B.S.” approach to personal development is entertaining and to the point. In addition to sharing thoughts and advice on topics like relationships, personal values, emotional intelligence and self-discipline, Mark veers outside the area of self-growth with a section dedicated to world culture, politics, travel and technology. An estimated reading time listed under each article title helps you decide whether you can read it now or bookmark it for later.

Vanessa Van Edwards, Blog: Science of People

Are you a businessperson hoping to become more successful? Vanessa Van Edwards can help with an approach she calls the science of people. Essentially, Vanessa believes that learning what makes people tick can help improve our ability to interact with one another and navigate the world. Click on her blog, and you’ll find articles about body language, people skills, self-doubt, confidence and much more. In addition to valuable articles, Vanessa’s blog features an online course called People School and a free chapter from her bestselling book.

Marie Forleo, Blog: Marie Forleo

If you rely on recommendations from Oprah Winfrey, you might be interested in what Marie Forleo has to say. This motivational speaker, life coach and author shares knowledge and wisdom that focuses on self-worth and positivity. Believing that all people are unique, one of Marie’s oft-used taglines is, “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” Types of articles you might find on her blog involve learning to be more grateful, better problem solving, dealing with fears and manifesting abundance. With a visit to Marie’s website, you can find more than blog posts. Check out her copywriting course and her eight-week business course or buy one of her bestselling books.

James Clear, Blog: James Clear

To help people be more successful and lead healthier lives, author and entrepreneur James Clear draws from a variety of fields including psychology, philosophy, biology and neuroscience. His blog posts generally focus on one central question: “How can we live better?” Common topics include creativity, focus, motivation, productivity, goal setting and healthy living, and many of Clear’s articles highlight the daily habits and behaviors of successful artists, musicians, actors, athletes and business professionals.

Maria Popova, Blog: Brain Pickings

If you’re looking for the typical personal development blog, then you’ll want to bypass Brain Pickings, authored by Maria Popova, a Bulgarian born author and literary critic. Her collection of writings that she calls a “human-powered discovery engine for interestingness” offers thoughtful insights about a variety of topics. Think literature, science, philosophy, spirituality, intellect and creativity. While her posts don’t provide a step-by-step approach to developing as a person, they do challenge readers to consider a new perspective, which is often the first step toward self-growth. The way Maria puts it, she is “helping people become interested in things they didn’t know they were interested in, until they are.”

Penelope Trunk, Blog: Penelope Trunk

Entrepreneur, life coach and writer, Penelope Trunk, dubs the information that you’ll find on her blog “advice at the intersection of work and life.” Her style is honest, opinionated, to the point and borderline feisty, and most of Penelope’s posts focus on career, family or education. Examples of her writings include, “Knowing Good Grammar is a Social Skill,” “How to Ask for Help and Not Feel Incompetent” and “To Do Something Big, Aim to Be Irrelevant.” In addition to advice in 500 to 800 words, Penelope offers a variety of courses on her website for becoming a better writer, learning about your personality type, starting a business and more.

Becoming a better person is a lifelong journey. Thankfully, there are plenty of experts to help lead the way. Explore these blogs for loads of helpful tips or use this handy influencer discovery tool to find more professionals in the self-help field.