When it comes to selling a product, smart marketers know that consumers are influenced by other people. The coffee business is no exception, and these days, influencers on Instagram sway java lovers with pretty photos, handy tips, product recommendations and more. Discover some of the top coffee influencers on Instagram right now.

Asaf Rauch, @coffeestation_latteart: 300k followers

Do you appreciate a beautifully made latte or cappuccino? Check out the array of photos provided by Asaf Rauch, a coffee shop owner, competition-level latte artist and businessman. Asaf creates finely detailed flowers, hearts, swans, dogs and other designs atop foamy coffee drinks, and he serves up plenty of 15-second videos to show you how it’s done. When you’re done exploring his Instagram feed, stop by Asaf’s website to purchase your own latte art pitcher available in a variety of colors. With a patented design featuring a curved body and symmetrical handle, this cool gadget delivers the perfect pour.

Andy Anderson, @manmakecoffee: 209k followers

Andy Anderson at Man Make Coffee attempts to connect coffee lovers from around the world through beautiful images. His feed features an eclectic variety of creative photos, from far-flung espresso shops and working baristas to close-ups of coffee and dessert. For more coffee news, find blog posts and infographics galore at Andy’s website. Learn the most popular coffee brew methods, read bios of coffee experts from around the world and find recipes for desserts that pair perfectly with a cup of Joe. Have your own coffee shot featured on Andy’s feed by tagging #manmakecoffee.

Etaf Rum, @booksandbeans: 168k followers

If you can’t read a great novel without a good cup of coffee, this Instagram page is for you. Author, literature professor and coffee shop/bookstore owner, Etaf Rum, shares images of favorite reads paired with cappuccinos, lattes, iced coffees and other delicious drinks. With hundreds of award-winning book titles, you’re sure to find something that interests you. While you’re exploring, look for recommendations for Rum’s favorite coffee brands and delicious breakfasts and teas sold in her store.

Jeff Kennedy, @acmeandco: 120k followers

If the style of your coffee cup is just as important as what is in it, you’ll appreciate this Instagram feed by Jeff Kennedy whose company sells specialty coffee mugs. Photos of coffee shops and cafes around the globe feature chic modern design and their own special version of these beautiful cups. To buy your own set of coffee cups, visit Jeff’s online store, and if you’re interested in recipes, coffee tips and other news, subscribe to his company’s newsletter.

Giulia Bernardelli, @bernulia: 98.7k followers

For an amazing blend of coffee and creativity, check out the stunning works of art fashioned by Italian artist Giulia Bernadelli. From spilled coffee, she creates images of famous landmarks, oceans, forests and people as well as copies of renowned paintings like the Mona Lisa. For even more interesting visuals, discover what Bernadelli can do with leaves, stones, flowers, fruits and chocolate.

Junichi Yamaguchi, @junichi_yamaguchi: 91.5k followers

Latte art champion and founder of a popular coffee shop in Kyoto, Japan, Junichi Yamaguchi delivers an Instagram feed chock full of eye-catching images. Featuring expert lighting, background, color and composition, Yamaguchi’s photos offer the perfect blend of simplicity and art.

Henry Hargreaves, @coffeecupsoftheworld: 90.5k followers

For a fun and colorful take on the world’s 2nd most popular beverage, explore this collection of coffee cup art curated by photographer Henry Hargreaves. Photos from around the globe feature all kinds of interesting images. Find a cartoon ball of yarn, a skateboard Santa and a three-eyed smiley face or plenty of amusing sayings like “Coffee loves you, even if you haven’t balanced your chakras” and “Nerd be cool.” For more images presented in an ultra-creative way, visit Hargreaves’ photography website.

James Hoffmann, @jimseven: 49.5k followers

If you want to learn a lot about coffee, there’s no one more equipped for the job than coffee roaster, blogger and champion barista, James Hoffman. His book about coffee explores different coffee-growing regions around the world, methods for roasting and brewing and so much more. Visit Hoffman’s Instagram page for beautiful photos, coffee-related book recommendations and favorite blends of beans.

Cabell Tice, @cabellcoffee: 40.7k followers

As if you couldn’t tell from his Instagram feed, Cabell Tice is a very good photographer, but that’s not all. He’s a three-time world champion in latte art and the owner of a coffee shop in Waynesville, North Carolina. Follow his journey at the shop through his photos and discover his talent for capturing other subjects by visiting his professional photography blog.

Java lovers everywhere are influenced by experts who know their stuff and use their Instagram feeds to prove it. On these pages, discover alluring photos, videos, coffee tips and design ideas, and use this handy influencer discovery tool to find even more top professionals in today’s coffee domain.